Lease Term and Conditions Consulting

Alta’s experts provide advice on structuring lease terms and conditions designed to enhance value and optimize your risk position. Such structures include the optimal lease term, maintenance and return provisions, type of use, lessor’s rights to inspection, and end-of-lease options.

Risk Management

Throughout a lease term, many factors develop which can influence equipment value and affect residual risk position as well as your customer’s credit worthiness. Competition from other equipment manufacturers and technology advances may negatively affect equipment value. Also, economic and market conditions can have favorable or unfavorable impacts on equipment values.

Alta’s Asset Management Practice is a reliable resource to consult. Our analysis and information will enable you to proactively manage residual risk issues.


  • Semi-annual or annual Portfolio Review for residual risk impairment
  • Custom-tailored educational seminars at your location pertaining to equipment, residual values, or other special requirements
  • Reports on specific markets, trends, and changes in technology, regulatory issues, and industry standards, that could impact values and assist in equipment segment analysis