ExpertAccess Program

Alta can structure its services into an individual program tailored to specific tactical and strategic needs. Under our ExpertAccess Program, we can create a “virtual” asset management department, or we can simply augment your current asset management team with our extensive resources and expert advice.

The program includes:

  • Opinion letters for current and future value
  • FMV opinion letter (verification)
  • Industry research and data
  • Verbal opinions for bidding purposes
  • Selected additional services are available as required at a discounted fee schedule

The following additional services are available at a discount to program participants:

  • Inspections and appraisals
  • Full USPAP appraisals: complete reports
  • Remarketing/auction services
  • Market studies
  • Expert witness
  • Due diligence support


We can provide on-site equipment inspections, both domestic and offshore. Such inspections are requested for a myriad of reasons, including to:

  • Confirm existence and possession of equipment
  • Confirm delivery and acceptance (D & A) of equipment
  • Report on equipment condition
  • Determine importance of equipment relative to the current user requirements
  • Assess equipment usage by current users (shifts, hours, mileage)
  • Assess maintenance and/or repairs performed in accordance with contractual obligations and industry standards

Alta provides photographs and detailed reporting tailored to each specific equipment unit.

Rigging, Transport Moving and/or Storage Services

These services are arranged by our professionals on a local competitive bid basis for all types of machinery and equipment.

Equipment Value Matrices

 Alta can develop a custom residual value matrix of future projected values in the format tailored to your needs. These matrices can be updated semi-annually or annually to reflect the impact on value, if any, of changing technology, economics, and market conditions. Equipment categories can be broad or specific, at the client’s direction.

Brand or Product-Line Analysis

 A thorough analysis of a full product line or category of equipment is provided. This analysis considers equipment pricing relative to the marketplace, unique brand or model characteristics, and market and technology trends. Based on our experience and available trade data, we can also provide expected probabilities of lessee retention known as the “stick rate” at various terms.

Audit and Due Diligence Support

Our extensive experience makes Alta’s Asset Management Practice an indispensable partner to manage audits and due diligence requirements of professionalism, support and documentation.

Database Construction & Analysis

Market data or other types of data and construct databases can be tailored to a client’s needs.  Data analysis for presentation and client applications are often needed.

Sample graph of construction equipment residual value analysis: