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Equipment financing is critical to economic development around the world. This industry provides companies of all sizes with the ability to acquire a range of critical business assets, from office, IT, and healthcare technology to manufacturing equipment, construction machinery and aircraft, among others.

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FinTech Disruption in Leasing Webinar

FinTech’s impact on lessors – what are the challenges and opportunities? How would you even begin to start? If you have you ever wondered – and most of us probably have… this webinar shares thoughtful insights on those questions from two companies at the leading edge.

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A Holistic Approach for Vendors & Captives

Vendors & Captives: All have aggressive growth objectives – after all, you need to validate your existence and value to your parent. But how to do it at rates above GNP? You need new markets, products and geographies to meet the challenge. At the end of the day, though, all this must still work smoothly within parent requirements and systems – and let’s not begin to mention your own specialized needs.

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Grow To Survive

So many aspects of the equipment finance market have changed, but one need remains the same: grow to survive. But, a radically changed market requires a new growth strategy, and in a period of slow GDP growth there is little room for error. In this podcast, John Deane, Alta Group CEO, addresses some of the ways lessors can adapt successfully to carve out growth opportunities in the current market.

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