Roberto Fernandez

Roberto Fernandez

Consultant, Business Process and Applications

Roberto Fernandez is a Business Process and Applications consultant with The Alta Group Latin American Region. His broad expertise in financial and information technology (IT) services in Latin America includes notable skills in business planning, operations streamlining, project management professional (PMP) services, risk management, project leadership, database design, accounting and taxes, financial services, and portfolio management.

He most recently served as chief information officer (CIO) for CIT in Latin America. The company recruited him in 1994 as Mexico CIO, and in 1996 he was promoted to vice president and CIO of CIT’s Latin American region, covering Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. During those years, Roberto led the implementation of applications for all the countries, including receivables systems, front ends for mid and large transactions, front ends for small tickets, credit scores, pricing models, interfaces with corporate systems, universal data base (UDB), and reporting for local regulatory environments and corporate matters. He was responsible for building the network and telecommunications for the region.

Earlier in his career, Roberto was an independent consultant assisting with the development of systems for leasing and factoring companies such as Arrendadora Agil, Heller Financial Services, and Bank Boston. Other past positions include serving as a project leader, and system manager. Roberto also has held management positions with AT&T Capital Corporation and Newcourt.

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Roberto Fernandez
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+5511 972669368 (mob. Brazil)
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