Arnaldo Pieruccini

Arnaldo Pieruccini

Senior Managing Director, and Country Manager Brazil

  • 40 years experience in international leasing, Latin America
  • Specialist in vendor finance program development and management
  • Formerly worked with AT&T Capital, launching Latin American vendor programs for Dell, Lucent, Avaya and others
  • Founder of Chilean Leasing Association, former member Brazilian Lessors Association

Arnaldo Pieruccini has spent 40 years mastering the intricacies of commercial finance and equipment leasing. A native of Brazil, his first job was as a branch manager of a US leasing associate, Bozano Simonsen Leasing. This was the first of many management positions with international lessors, including Manufacturers Hanover Leasing, Banco Norchem Leasing S.A. (subsidiary of Chemical Bank), AT&T Capital Corporation and Compaq Financial Services. He specializes in vendor finance program development and implemented programs for Dell, Lucent, Avaya and others during his tenure with AT&T Capital.

“I enjoy addressing the wide variety of challenges vendors face in expanding their operations. Each has different problems requiring unique solutions.”

Arnaldo’s broad expertise has helped Alta clients launch leasing operations in Chile and Brazil. He has advised lessors on all aspects of their Latin American programs, from strategic planning to sales training. He is adept at balancing the needs of a vendor with the opportunities present in Latin American markets and can successfully develop and implement plans that address both the potential success and pitfalls in a given area.

A founder of the Chilean Leasing Association and former member of the Brazilian Lessors Association, Arnaldo has extensive contacts in the region to support his work.

Contact Information

Arnaldo Pieruccini
Rua Marambaia 424 3o andar
Casa Verde – Sao Paulo – S.P.
CEP 02513-000 Brasil
+1 5511 3966 0570
+1 5511 3857 7770 fax