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Asset Management Services

It is said that a company’s greatest asset is its people. For leasing and finance operations, equipment assets certainly rank close behind. Let The Alta Group improve your asset management capabilities for increased profitability and reduced risks.

Alta provides hands-on services and consulting expertise throughout the equipment lifecycle: from inspections and appraisals to portfolio management, residual risk analysis, end-of-lease consulting and remarketing, and litigation support. Created through Alta’s merger with Independent Equipment Company (IEC), The Alta Group Asset Management Practice is built on decades of experience trading in equipment markets and managing the equipment assets of companies worldwide. Alta also draws on an extensive database of equipment sales to enhance services for clients and develop industry and vendor research studies.

Learn more about Alta’s asset management services for:

  • equipment appraisals and portfolio valuations
  • risk mitigation
  • portfolio management
  • residual value analysis
  • end-of-lease consulting and remarketing
  • special industry and/or vendor studies
  • retrospective (forensic) appraisals
  • audit assistance
  • litigation support

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Carl C. Chrappa, A.S.A, M.R.I.C.S., I.F.A.
Senior Managing Director, Asset Management
+1 727 796 7733
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