Event Co-Sponsored by Currency Capital and The Alta Group

GLENBROOK, NV, July 19, 2016 – A roundtable today at the Stanford Graduate School of Business will examine how financial technology (Fintech) is disrupting traditional business models in asset-based finance. The roundtable, co-sponsored by Currency Capital and The Alta Group, is the first event for the new Commercial Equipment Marketplace Council (CEMC).

“The CEMC will bring together talented, like-minded professionals from major companies twice a year to discuss how technology is disrupting asset-based finance. Today’s event will focus on how Fintech is impacting asset-based finance from both a micro and macro perspective,” said Currency CEO Charles Anderson, the technology leader who founded the CEMC.

“The impact of Fintechs on the equipment leasing and financing industry is still developing. This roundtable is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders to discuss and analyze these developments,” said CEO John C. Deane of The Alta Group, the leading global consultancy dedicated exclusively to the business of equipment leasing and asset finance.

Today’s invitational roundtable has attracted participants from leading technology, Fintech and equipment leasing companies. Roundtable discussions will be kept private to encourage the free exchange of ideas among participants.

Topics will cover Liquidity and Debt Markets, Fintech Research, Current Credit Themes, Perspectives from the Capital Markets, Digitization of the Sales and Finance Process – Online and Mobile, the Shared Economy – What it Means to Equipment Finance, and Baby Boomers/Millennials and Brand. Session facilitators are Anderson, Alta Managing Director Valerie L. Gerard and Alta Director Patricia M. Voorhees.

About The Alta Group

The Alta Group is the leading global consultancy dedicated exclusively to the business of equipment leasing and asset finance. Since 1992, Alta has represented equipment leasing and finance companies, financial institutions, manufacturers and service providers, offering management consulting and expertise in global market entry, vendor and captive finance, professional development, legal services, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, and digital business advisory services. For information on the group’s services in the United States and Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific, visit http://www.thealtagroup.com.

About Currency

At Currency, we’re changing what’s possible in the equipment finance marketplace. Our mission is to automate the equipment funding ecosystem so businesses can achieve financing simplicity. Every day we work together to originate, process and close high-quality transactions through an ecosystem of buyers (providing instant, competitive options), sellers (enabling them to sell more equipment) and banks (delivering cost-efficient access to deal flow). On the heels of the Great Recession, businesses around the country found themselves left behind. Commercial banks just weren’t lending, and when they were, the delays between application and funding were far too long. So a group of financial experts, along with a few tech wizards, decided to take action. We engineered a technology that streamlined both approval and funding by getting a more complete financial picture at the beginning of the application process. The result was Currency, and since then we’ve helped support businesses with more than $500 million in loans. For information, visit http://www.currencycap.com.

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