Abe Schwartzbard

Abe Schwartzbard


  • Experience in creating pay—per-use financing models
  • Industry trainer for financing and technology sales teams
  • Background in the world of corporate and academia
  • Prior experience at Cisco Capital, AT&T Capital, HP Financial Services
  • Global and national experience in reducing technology acquisition costs

Abe Schwartzbard, who joined The Alta group in 2017, provides training and development services to equipment leasing, financing, and technology sales teams.  He brings an extensive wealth of experience from his many years in technology leasing with some of the most successful captives in equipment finance. He will be assisting in the expansion of Alta’s training and development programs designed for the industry.

He has both corporate and academic experience. He is also an adjunct professor of marketing and teaches college students from around the world on technology, marketing and sales at the Sy Syms school of Business at Yeshiva University in New York City.

“I am particularly interested in using my teaching and training skills to help technology sales teams embed financing and leasing into sales efforts. This can shorten the sales cycle by reducing the review and approval time in technology acquisitions.”

Abe has worked with many of the largest customers in the U.S. and globally during his years at AT&T Capital, HP Financial Services, and most recently at Cisco Capital. These include major banks, stock exchanges, and pharmaceutical customers.  In his various roles, Abe worked with global and national customers to reduce the cost of technology acquisitions, develop a life-cycle plan for technology products, and assist customers with end-of-life-cycle needs.  He supported the sales teams by developing financing solutions that supported their customers’ goals.  In his recent role on the business development team at Cisco, he helped create new financing programs and offerings including a pay-per-use model.

His career began at Xerox Headquarters in Rochester, N.Y., where he helped to develop the first Xerox financing offer after Xerox began selling its products.  He subsequently spent 21 years at AT&T, 15 years at HPFS, and four years at Cisco Capital.

Abe has an MBA and completed coursework toward a doctorate from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School.

Abe resides in Central New Jersey with his wife Lorraine.

Contact Information:

+1 732 673 5622