Shawn D. Halladay

Shawn D. Halladay


  • Specializes in vendor finance, litigation support, lease systems implementation, competitive analysis, strategic planning tax issues, accounting, and analysis.
  • Active ELFA member, serving on committees and boards.
  • 30 years of experience in equipment leasing as a trainer and consultant.

Shawn Halladay brings 30 years of experience as a lessor, trainer, consultant and auditor to Alta’s clients. Shawn’s professional expertise stretches across all leasing sectors and around the globe. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, he has served lessors throughout North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, providing training in all aspects of equipment leasing. His consulting expertise includes vendor finance, accounting and reporting best practices, competitive analysis, strategic planning, litigation support, and accounting and quantitative analysis.

Shawn is Managing Director, Professional Development and has authored or co-authored eight books on equipment leasing, including A Guide to Equipment Leasing, An Introduction to Leasing and The Handbook of Equipment Leasing.

“All our content development and delivery efforts in the Professional Development Division are focused on enhancing outcomes for both the company and its employees. If we don’t improve our learners’ job effectiveness and career opportunities, then we haven’t done our job.”

Shawn’s strengths in accounting, tax law and analysis help Alta clients quantify the success of their business and evaluate emerging opportunities. His custom training courses, offered in several languages and tailored to meet the needs of varying geographic and industry markets and cultures, help lessors maximize the value of their human resources and deliver outstanding lease products and customer service.

Shawn is a member of the Financial Accounting Committee of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) as well as the editorial board of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation’s Journal of Equipment Leasing and Finance. He also currently serves on the Advisory Board of Leasing News and teaches for the CLFP Academy.

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Shawn Halladay
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