Asset Management Services

It is said that a company’s greatest asset is its people. For leasing and finance operations, equipment assets certainly rank close behind. Let The Alta Group improve your asset management capabilities for increased profitability and reduced risks.

Alta provides hands-on services and consulting expertise throughout the equipment lifecycle: from inspections and appraisals to portfolio management, residual risk analysis, end-of-lease consulting and remarketing, and litigation support. Created through Alta’s merger with Independent Equipment Company (IEC), The Alta Group Asset Management Practice is built on decades of experience trading in equipment markets and managing the equipment assets of companies worldwide. Alta also draws on an extensive database of equipment sales to enhance services for clients and develop industry and vendor research studies.

Learn more about Alta’s asset management services for:

  • equipment appraisals and portfolio valuations
  • risk mitigation
  • portfolio management
  • residual value analysis
  • end-of-lease consulting and remarketing
  • special industry and/or vendor studies
  • retrospective (forensic) appraisals
  • audit assistance
  • litigation support


Carl C. Chrappa, A.S.A, M.R.I.C.S., I.F.A.
Senior Managing Director, Asset Management
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Kim Esposito
Managing Director
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Digital Business Advisory Practice

Create Market Leading Competitiveness by Employing Innovative Technologies to Transform Your Business
While major investments can be made in systems and process optimization, the anticipated return may remain elusive as Lessors struggle to develop target operating models, drive process efficiencies, strategize new market entry, scale up without additional resources, and implement cutting-edge software products.

How can a lessor put this together into a cohesive and rationalized success?

The Alta Group’s strategic alliance with Genpact, a global leader in the provision of IT, application consulting, and hosted solutions services to our industry allows clients to leverage the vast thought leadership and industry expertise of The Alta Group with Genpact’s deep domain experience, software products, and delivery capabilities, to achieve comprehensive management, information technology (IT), application consulting, and hosted solutions.

These services are available to equipment lessors and other commercial and consumer finance institutions in the U.S. In addition, Genpact already offers a true end-to-end operating model from ideation through implementation and support that helps manufacturers establish captive leasing operations as a hosted model, with low capital expenditures and variable costs. Together, Alta and Genpact have the expertise, capacity, and strategic focus to meet our clients’ operating requirements, offering market disruptive solutions for manufacturers, banks, and lessors focused on long-term success.


John Rizzi
Managing Director
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John Hurt
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Legal Services

Subject Matter Expertise, Analytical Support, and Dispute Resolution
Complex finance transactions can take unexpected turns—sometimes for the worse. If your goal is to prevail in leasing-related litigation, we can help with industry expertise, unparalleled subject matter knowledge and experience, international resources, and industry leading research and analytical capability.

Explore the links to learn more about our services for expert testimony, litigation support, alternative dispute resolution, and contract analysis and contract negotiation.

Brochures and Documents

Legal Services Brochure (Download PDF)

Expert Testimony

Experts from The Alta Group have provided hundreds of hours of deposition and courtroom testimony across a wide spectrum of cases involving equipment leasing, secured lending, transaction structuring, contract interpretation, and asset-based financing.

The Alta Group provides:

  • Defensible expert opinions and rebuttals
  • Deposition testimony
  • Trial testimony
  • Strategic and issues analysis in all aspects of leasing and finance

With the knowledge and wisdom that can only come from years of hands-on experience, The Alta Group’s leasing industry experts provide the insight, skill, and depth of understanding you need when your positions are under attack. We have been in the crucible and can provide the support you need to carry the day.

Litigation Support

The collective expertise of The Alta Group’s professionals, as former senior executives, finance company owners, and industry leaders, places them in a unique position to support you and your clients in litigation involving any aspect of equipment leasing, secured lending, or asset-based finance.

The Alta Group provides:

  • Due diligence structuring and analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of industry standards and practices
  • Current and extensive hands-on experience in equipment leasing and finance

Backed by meticulous research and analysis and extensive real world involvement in all aspects of leasing and asset-based finance, Alta can strengthen your position, support your legal team’s strategy, and help facilitate a favorable outcome.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Despite everyone’s best intentions, leasing and asset finance transactions can sometimes become problem deals, whether before or after closing. The Alta Group’s ADR professionals are accustomed to working through tough deals and difficult issues.

Sometimes only an experienced and truly neutral third party can guide everyone to a mutually acceptable solution.

The Alta Group provides:

  • Facilitation of difficult negotiations when the deal is about to close
  • Mediation of disputes that arise during or after the lease term
  • Arbitration of disputes in equipment leasing, secured lending, and asset-based finance
  • Assistance with end-of-lease negotiations and workouts
  • Development and implementation of in-house dispute resolution structures, mechanisms, and organizations.

Your problem deal need not drive you to litigation, no matter how intractable it seems. A more cost-effective resolution is at hand — structured negotiations and settlements under the guidance of leasing disputes resolution professionals from The Alta Group.

Contract Analysis & Contract Negotiation

The Alta Group’s Legal Services practice includes experts who serve as financial advisors in negotiations, supporting lawyers in transactions involving equipment finance and asset based commercial finance, and in assisting in developing and negotiating strategies for contract terms. Alta’s experts assist in reviewing and analyzing pricing schedules, assessing the risks and benefits of parties in a contract and determining potential business risks. If your goal is to prevent unexpected turns or the prospect of future litigation, our legal services team can help in the proactive analysis of contracts and negotiations for positive outcomes.

Legal Services Endorsements

“I have worked with Paul Bent on numerous occasions over the past 10 years in my capacity as outside counsel to equipment finance companies.  Paul is responsive, creative and practical in his roles as expert witness and consultant. His likability and poise have benefited my cases!”

“Our law firm represents a large equipment finance lease company that is frequently involved in litigation. Paul Bent has served as either a consulting or testifying expert for us in several of these litigations, in both state and federal court. Paul’s extensive equipment leasing experience as both deal maker and attorney, provides a unique resource that has enabled us to formulate and implement winning strategies utilizing the extensive knowledge of a top industry expert. His dedication, professionalism and demeanor are exactly what you look for in an expert.”


Paul Bent
Senior Managing Director, Legal Services
+1 562 426 1000

Management Consulting

Advice and Solutions for Real Opportunities and Challenges
Fuel growth and efficiency while managing risks with The Alta Group as your management consultants. Alta’s experts help companies maximize return-on-investment for equipment leasing and finance programs worldwide—expanding sales channels and increasing competitiveness.

Learn more about Alta’s management consulting services for strategic planning, market entry, due diligence, problem resolution, operational reviews, marketing strategy and organizational development.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Entry
  • Due Diligence
  • Problem Resolution
  • Operational Reviews
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Organizational Development
Business Strategy Planning Program

The Alta Group’s Business Strategy Planning Program enables companies involved in equipment financing to create a three-to-five-year strategic business plan within 30 days. The program includes a one-day workshop customized for each business and a follow-up report that provides each company with a road map for executing its plan.

Tony Mynsted and Chuck Thomas are the senior-level professionals facilitating the program, which is designed to be both cost effective and fast paced. Within one month, a business is able to determine its key strategies and initiatives for the next three to five years. First, Alta guides participants in an analysis of their company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and an evaluation of their customer value proposition. Second, based on the results of this analysis, the company determines the strategies and initiatives needed to attain its goals. Third, Alta creates a three-to-five-year road map for executing the company’s plan. Alta also has the expertise, if needed, to help each business execute its strategies after the plan is created.

Alta developed the program in response to a need expressed by established equipment financing companies as well as banks, manufacturers and equipment dealers that are considering adding equipment financing to their offerings. The program is especially effective for companies that are:

  • Aggressively pursuing growth but have limited strategic planning skills
  • Considering a new business model or new markets
  • Struggling to define a differentiating value proposition in the marketplace
  • Need help turning existing strategy into an executable tactical plan and achieving buy-in from the executive team

Other resources


Valerie L. Gerard
Managing Director – Management Consulting
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+1 250 667 7743 Canadian mobile

Patricia M. Voorhees
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Fran Maier
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Paul W. Frechette
Director, Client Relations & Consulting
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Michael A. DeBernardi
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sustained Profitability and Liquidity
Achieve targeted goals while optimizing your M&A activities and capital structure. The Alta Group’s M&A experts have decades of experience arranging more than 200 equipment leasing and specialty finance business acquisitions. Our specialists also can locate funding sources and additional capital for your company, as well as provide formal valuations.

Explore the links to learn more about our M&A services and related offerings: buy or sell side advisory services; funding management and capital raising; and valuation services.

Buy or Sell Side Advisory Services

Locate potential partner companies that will help achieve your strategic goals. Evaluate companies and portfolios with assurance. Develop sale/purchase structures that create win-win solutions for buyers and sellers. The Alta Group’s M&A experts are former CEOs, company founders and senior executives who have experienced the complexity of mergers & acquisitions from the perspective of both buyers and sellers in the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Alta can help your company locate, analyze and negotiate with potential sellers or buyers; enhance the value of a business or portfolio; examine alternative exit strategies; and structure deals that meet the short- and long-term goals of your company.

Alta’s Buy or Sell Side Advisory Services include:

  • Representing Owners in the Sale of Businesses and Portfolios
  • Performing Acquisition Searches for Buyers
  • Providing Analysis and Due Diligence Services
  • Developing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
Due Diligence: Key To Strategic Acquisitions and Sales

Optimizing Value, Aligning Expectations

Due diligence plays a key role in any strategic acquisition. Done right and the seller optimizes the value of the organization and the buyer knows exactly what it’s obtaining. Both parties’ expectations are aligned. Executed poorly and the opposite often occurs.

The Alta Group provides unmatched, trusted due diligence expertise to both sellers and buyers in today’s challenging equipment leasing and finance industry.

Our principals have a combined 50+ years of experience in working with companies to both prepare themselves to be acquired, as well as help evaluate opportunities for buyers.

Alta Group veterans John Deane and Joe Nachbin together lead the firm’s due diligence activities on behalf of clients, tapping the knowledge of other Alta principals to work on specific aspects of an engagement as necessary.

Eliminating Disruptions

Not only can The Alta Group provide the expertise in due diligence that many companies lack today due to downsizing pressures, but we also can devote undivided attention to the complex task. This frees your top executives and other key personnel from the disruption of the due diligence process, so they can maintain their focus on running the business.

For prospective buyers that may not have intimate knowledge of the equipment leasing industry, The Alta Group often educates buyers on key business attributes to consider when evaluating potential acquisitions.

Sellers: Presenting the Company

Much like a realtor, The Alta Group works closely with sellers to help them prepare for the potential sale of their businesses. We evaluate how to best present a company to prospects.

Our work includes carefully reviewing financial statements and other key documentation, credit and collections policies, portfolio performance and preparing reports that prospective buyers typically want to see. Transparency is key in these situations, for nobody likes surprises.

Buyers: Evaluating Opportunities

Depending on a prospective buyer’s needs, The Alta Group can manage the entire due diligence process or work with other service providers, including an organization’s accounting and legal firms, as well as investment bankers, to evaluate an opportunity.

Typical assignments include closely examining financial statements and other key documentation, evaluating various business processes to gauge efficiencies and evaluating portfolio performance. If there are any issues or concerns, we work with both parties to establish warranties and recourse steps to protect the buyer.

Funding Management and Capital Raising

Secure funding — the lifeblood of your equipment leasing and finance business — with The Alta Group as your consulting partner. Alta’s funding experts have decades of success helping equipment leasing and finance companies cultivate new funding sources and manage the financing necessary for the sustainability and growth of their organizations.

Alta assists companies by identifying potential funding sources; helping negotiate lease funding and lines of credit; and arranging subordinated debt and equity financing.

  • Lease Funding/Lines of Credit
  • Debt and Equity Financing


James R. Jackson, Jr.
Managing Director and Merger & Acquisition Advisory Practice Leader
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Bruce Kropschot
Senior Managing Director
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Patricia M. Voorhees
+1 203 205 7630

Professional Development

Improving workforce knowledge and skills to increase your profitability
Designed exclusively for the education and development of professionals working in equipment leasing and asset finance, Alta’s Professional Development Practice is the cost-effective and efficient solution required by today’s business challenges. Our facilitators leverage their industry expertise and Alta’s collective experience in management, business development, sales, operations, risk assessment, tax and accounting, legal matters, and asset management to achieve each organization’s professional development objectives.

By investing in employee growth and internal intellectual capital, our clients are strengthening their organizations and enhancing customer service. They also are positioning themselves to compete more effectively in today’s changing environment, reach sales goals with confidence, and enjoy greater productivity and efficiency.

Listening carefully to the needs of each client, we deliver the customized services that make sense for your business.

Our capabilities include classroom instruction, web-enabled options, mentoring and coaching programs, special topic conferences, corporate curriculum development, and train-the-trainer services. Multi-language offerings are available for international organizations.

Alta Professional Development: Equipped for Results

Alta has decades of industry experience and the collective strength of more than 90 consultants worldwide who are experts in every facet of equipment leasing and asset finance. Backed by the breadth and depth of our resources, Alta instructors have facilitated 500+ professional development sessions in more than 25 countries over the past 30 years.

It’s an impressive resume, but only part of the value we bring to professional development engagements. Alta excels at identifying the needs and business requirements of each client, crafting relevant programs, and delivering top notch information for measurable results.

Let Our Experts Recommend the Best Approach for Your Business

We recognize that each client is unique. Alta can recommend the content delivery options and services that are most effective for meeting your specific business requirements. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your professional development needs.

Download an overview of our services.

Content Delivery Options

Alta’s content delivery methods help our clients convey enabling knowledge that is critical to both employee and company success. These options encompass a broad range of subjects and are tailored to each customer’s needs so that relevance and results are maximized.

Classroom and workshop instruction

Customized content is delivered in a highly interactive environment that leverages technology and student participation. The interaction, depth of content, and course length provide students with clear knowledge of how to apply the content to their everyday activities. Students are provided with workbooks that enhance information retention and desired changes in behavior.


Customized, less complex content is delivered via readily accessible Web meeting technology that allows students to ask questions and share experiences. Instructor insights and presentation documentation enhance student application of the targeted concepts.

Online options

Online content is delivered on a flexible and as-needed basis to a large number of learners. Students learn fundamental concepts and gain an understanding of the environment in which they must function. Feedback is provided through testing options.


On-the-job performance is enhanced through Alta’s mentoring of executives and line personnel. Alta also can follow-up with students after the learning session, both in groups or individually, to cement an understanding of how to apply the content and reinforce desired changes in behavior. Mentoring is particularly valuable as a tool to increase sales effectiveness.

Other services

Alta maximizes the effectiveness of our clients’ professional development efforts by assisting with curriculum development, capabilities assessments, train-the-trainer services, and special projects such as creating online programs.

Tailoring Delivery to Your Specific Needs

Let Our Experts Recommend the Best Approach for Your Business

The table above outlines some of the ways that Alta delivers professional development solutions to businesses. We also recognize that each client is unique. Alta can recommend the content delivery options and services that are most effective for meeting your specific business requirements. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your professional development needs.

Alta Professional Development: Equipped for Results

Alta has decades of industry experience and the collective strength of more than 90 consultants worldwide who are experts in every facet of equipment leasing and asset finance. Backed by the breadth and depth of our resources, Alta instructors have facilitated 500+ training sessions in more than 25 countries
over the past 30 years.

Shawn Halladay, the practice leader, has written equipment leasing publications that the industry has relied upon for decades. He continues to share his knowledge through teaching, speaking, and writing industry reports and articles. Shawn is joined by a team of facilitators with decades of hands-on leasing and presentation experience that translates directly into client benefits.

It’s an impressive resume, but only part of the value we bring to professional development engagements. Alta excels at identifying the needs and business requirements of each client, crafting relevant programs, and delivering top notch information for measurable results. Contact us to learn more about professional development services designed to meet the specific goals and challenges of your business.

Credit and Risk Management

Effective credit policies and strong risk management are critical as lessors continue to rebuild robust portfolios during the upward movement in the credit cycle. Let The Alta Group’s highly experienced risk professionals help to ensure that your company is well-positioned to take advantage of the right opportunities to grow and enhance the quality of the portfolio.

Advanced professional development of credit and risk professionals can help to deliver increased profitability through improved credit quality and better-quality asset distribution.  Alta, through its 20+ year exclusive focus on the equipment finance industry,  is uniquely qualified to help provide your teams with the knowledge and direction needed to enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Alta Group, led by its risk team and supported by seasoned professionals covering every aspect of equipment finance, can provide professional development in a variety of functional areas including:

  • Credit Underwriting
  • Credit Policy
  • Portfolio  Management
  • Asset Quality Monitoring & Reporting
Accounting Compliance and Implementation

Let Alta help you not only understand and manage compliance with the new lease accounting rules, but also take advantage of the opportunities created by them. Our worldwide capabilities uniquely position Alta to help you address the ramifications of the upcoming rules of both the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board.

These proposed rules will have a marked effect on lessors’ business activities, financial statement presentation, financial metrics, internal controls, and lease accounting systems.  As a result, lessors will need to revamp risk and asset management strategies, accounting processes, corporate governance, and marketing and sales approaches to continue creating value for their customers.  Lessees also will have to rethink decisions about how to finance their equipment.

Alta’s Accounting Compliance and Implementation experts, backed by our full team of management consultants, can help you:

  • Understand the new lease accounting rules
  • Redesign customer strategies
  • Develop appropriate business processes
  • Maximize revenue recognition
  • Assess and implement needed system changes
Sales Development

The Alta Group leverages its sales and financing expertise to provide valuable professional development to financial, solution, and product sales representatives for equipment manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

The primary mission of the workshop is to deliver in-depth professional education on financing and how it can drive incremental sales.  It will educate your team on how to use financing as a sales advantage and will assist them in building an immediate pipeline of qualified deals.

Alta has successfully taught this material to a wide variety of manufacturers, resellers, and lessors, and post-workshop surveys indicate that sales representatives feel more comfortable making C-level calls on financial executives following the sessions. Sales representatives also gain significant insight on customer budgeting processes, acquisition criteria, and how to craft a financing solution that meets their clients’ specific needs.

The workshop includes business cases that allow participants to reinforce the key benefits of their instruction. The objection handling session provides sales representatives a forum to role play the key customer inquiries that may happen during the sales execution process (example: how to sell against cash).

Account planning and follow-on mentoring are recommended after the workshop.

The Alta Group, led by its sales support team, can provide professional development in a variety of functional areas to help you:

  • Integrate financing into sales activities
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Improve sales leadership
  • Influence your customer’s financial community
  • Enhance customer relationships


Shawn D. Halladay
PD Practice Leader
+1 801 322 4499

Tony Mynsted
+1 785 843 1367

Abe Schwartzbard
+1 732 673 5622


Vendor & Captive Program Creation

Development and Management

The Alta Group’s Vendor and Captive Finance Practice, managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience and expertise working in this sector, assists clients in determining market drivers and building strategic plans to form captive finance companies, joint ventures, or third-party financing programs. Alta works with clients to:

  • Review program structures and determine which would be most appropriate;
  • Identify available talent to manage such an equipment-financing initiative, be it a captive, joint venture or a third-party program;
  • Select funding partners and/or service providers;
  • Help identify tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements inherent in financing programs;
  • Determine system needs and select the appropriate technology platform;
  • Secure necessary licenses to operate the business; and,
  • Train employees of the parent company and equipment-financing entity to assure success.

International Market Entry Services

Experts from The Alta Group work with clients pursuing the possibility of expanding equipment-financing operations beyond North America and into emerging, international markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The firm’s international experience also is strong in established regions such as Latin America, Asia-Pacific and all of Europe. Alta provides guidance and works with clients to:

  • Determine the most appropriate program structure in each country;
  • Identify personnel to manage and staff operations;
  • Select funding and/or servicing partners;
  • Help identify country-specific tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements inherent in financing programs;
  • Determine system needs and select the appropriate technology platform;
  • Secure necessary licenses to operate the business in each country; and,
  • Train employees to assure their success.
Outsourcing Assistance

Management of vendor and captive lease programs often seek The Alta Group’s guidance to identify potential third-party service providers to manage the administration of their lease financing operations. The goal is to align the client with an outsourcing partner that can help manage its customers and assets financed effectively and efficiently, provide comprehensive reporting on portfolio activity, and supply the best possible overall service.

Alta Group experts also assist clients in identifying organizations that would be ideal funding-source partners throughout the world, as well as asset management specialists that can effectively handle mid-term and end-of-lease equipment management activities.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

The Alta Group works with clients to develop actionable strategic initiatives inherent in vendor and captive finance programs, capitalizing on industry best practices whenever possible. The firm also provides expert counsel to optimize the performance of existing and de novo operations. Among its offerings in this area:

  • Market entry evaluation and surveying to identify potential barriers to entry, and the needs of customers unique to new markets;
  • Evaluation of existing vendor and captive finance programs to determine if there is goal congruity with the parent company and its sales objectives; and,
  • Assistance in the core implementation of recommendations.
Competitive Benchmarking

The Alta Group continually evaluates best practices in the industry and provides clients with comparisons of how they are performing versus the competition, both from quantitative and qualitative perspectives.

  • Pricing/residual Values
  • Compensation
  • Offering development – financing product characteristics
  • Asset management practices
  • Systems capabilities
  • Funding characteristics
Process Development, Documentation and Optimization

New leasing and finance providers work with The Alta Group to structure and implement a variety of core business processes, each supported by careful documentation and systems. Existing lessors regularly work with Alta to refine processes to optimize their effectiveness and efficiency, drawing upon Alta’s deep knowledge of best practices in the industry. These core processes include:

  • Credit underwriting
  • Quote delivery
  • Contract preparation
  • Billing and collections
  • Remanufacturing/remarketing
  • Funding/treasury
  • Systems requirements
  • Program management
Syndication and Securitization Assistance

The Alta Group works with leasing and financing providers who use syndication and securitization strategies to raise necessary capital. This can include the development of a buy/sell desk to manage this practice, as well as expert guidance in approaching the market with syndication and securitization initiatives.


Experts at The Alta Group regularly train personnel at various levels of vendor and captive finance companies in all facets of equipment leasing. General and customized programs can be developed, based on the needs of the client.

  • Lease sales training
  • Credit underwriting
  • Pricing
  • Residual value development
  • FAS/IAS new guideline training for lessees and lessors
  • New market/international market education


Valerie L. Gerard
Managing Director-Management Consulting
+1 917 664 4192 U.S. mobile
+1 250 667 7743 Canadian mobile