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GLENBROOK, NV, SEPT. 17—Hugh Swandel, senior managing director of The Alta Group in Canada, will be presenting in Montreal, QC, at the Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA) conference in a workshop session titled, “Measuring the Industry” on Sept. 26 at 2 p.m. Others in this session are Roger Mitchell, head of Financial Institutions Strategy & Innovation at Equifax Canada Co.; William Phelan, president and co-founder of PayNet; and Robin Somerville, director of the Centre for Spatial Economics.

“Our industry is changing dramatically and the data being presented in this session can give members a greater understanding of opportunity and risk,” said Swandel. Attendees will learn about shifts in market share, credit performance, the size of the vehicle and equipment markets. Additionally, those attending will gain economic insights concerning where projected growth can be turned into business opportunity,

Earlier on the same day, Lori Frasier, senior vice president of strategy and performance management at Key Equipment Finance and Angela Armstrong, president of Prime Capital Group, will lead a conversation on Women in Asset Finance.

Setting the tone for the event’s theme will be J.F. Perrault, a Scotiabank economist, and Futurist Jim Carroll, who talks about the ultimate disruption—“the end of money as we know it.” Other speakers will discuss banking and finance in the “Information Age,” and in another session a think tank executive will present results from a research report on Canada’s asset-finance leasing sector.

The Sept. 25-27 agenda also includes topics of leadership, transformation, innovation and fraud prevention. There is a political-media session featuring the Rt. Hon Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th prime minister in a “fireside” chat with Huw Williams, president of Impact Public Affairs.

Swandel is on the board of the CFLA, an association based in Toronto, with over 200 members ranging from large multinationals to national and regional domestic companies.

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