Adrian Pang

Adrian Pang

CEO, The Alta Group Asia-Pacific Region, LLC

  • Based in Hong Kong and responsible for serving Chinese business interests in equipment leasing and finance – and businesses from other markets interested in China
  • Is also responsible for the broader Asia-Pacific region
  • Previously managing director CIT Asia Pacific responsible for turn-around of their vendor finance business unit
  • Captive leadership experience as past managing director of Sun Microsystems APAC where he built a multi-funder model to serve developing countries
  • Other past APAC leadership roles include Senior Vice President for GE Capital Vendor Finance and Director IT Financing For AT&T Capital
  • Asset management business leadership as managing director of a global asset management, valuation, disposal service

Adrian Pang is chief executive officer of The Alta Group Asia-Pacific Region (Alta AP), responsible for overseeing the Asia-Pacific market, based in Hong Kong. Countries include Japan, Korea, Greater China, ASEAN countries and Australasia.

Prior to joining Alta, Adrian was managing director of CIT Asia-Pacific, where he rebuilt the team and turned around their vendor finance business unit. Previously, he was managing director of Goindustry Dovebid, a global asset disposal and asset management company focusing on Fortune 500 accounts. At Goindustry Dovebid, he successfully integrated many legal entities and operations after Goindustry acquired Dovebid in Asia. During this time, one of his target areas was effectively combining sophisticated asset valuation and online asset disposal to help equipment lessors maximize the financial return of leased assets.

Earlier in his career, Adrian was managing director of Sun Microsystems Finance APAC, where he built a multi-funders model enabling Sun Microsystems salespersons to utilize leasing as an important tool, even in some developing countries.  He also was senior vice president for GE Capital’s vendor financial services group APAC, and was the director of IT financing for AT&T Capital in Asia.

The Asia-Pacific region joins Alta’s other consulting units in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America and the U.S. to provide consulting services, education and operational support for best practices in the business of equipment leasing and finance.

“A strong presence in Asia-Pacific is essential to the needs of our clients,” said John C. Deane, chief executive officer,  of The Alta Group’s Worldwide Management Committee. “We are very pleased that an executive such as Adrian with his depth of experience in the region is leading our efforts.”

In addition to serving the broader Asia-Pacific region, Adrian is also responsible for Alta’s business unit in China.

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