International Expansion

Seize Cross-border Opportunities
Outmaneuver the competition and enter new geographic and/or equipment markets with The Alta Group as your advisors.

Alta has resident representation in the Asia-Pacific Region and is very familiar with, and knowledgeable about, these markets. Alta has numerous Asia-Pacific clients for which it undertakes projects as they look to expand internationally and other clients that are focusing on more local opportunities. Alta also assists clients that are seeking to expand to the Asia-Pacific Region.

Examples of some of the projects that Alta has undertaken are:

  • Assisting Asia-Pacific banks and lessors to expand internationally.
  • Supporting new entrants to the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Using our international network and contacts to effect introductions for mergers & acquisitions activity.
  • Vendor programmes – helping international equipment vendors select lessor partners in Asia-Pacific.
  • Strategic planning and business expansion internationally and domestically.
  • Raising finance – equity and borrowings.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sustained Profitability and Liquidity
Achieve targeted goals while streamlining your merger or acquisition process. The Alta Group’s experts have decades of experience advising on all forms of M&A – for both buyers and sellers – from idea conception to conclusion; including proposal preparation, valuation, market assessment, negotiation, executive support, commercial due diligence and integration. Our specialists also advise on locating potential funding sources for your company.

Alta’s Buy or Sell advisory services include representing principal parties in the purchase or sale of businesses and portfolios; performing acquisition searches for buyers; and developing joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Alta’s Funding experts have had many years of success helping equipment leasing and asset finance companies cultivate new funding sources and manage the financing necessary for the sustainability and growth of their organisations. Alta assists companies by identifying potential funding sources; helping to negotiate lease funding and lines of credit; and arranging subordinated debt and equity financing.

Advisory Services

Advice and Solutions for Real Opportunities and Challenges
Fuel growth and efficiency while managing risks with The Alta Group as your advisors. Alta’s experts help companies maximise return-on-investment for equipment leasing and finance programmes internationally and in domestic markets, expanding sales channels and increasing competitiveness.

Alta provides advisory and consulting services for bank-owned, independent and captive lessors, manufacturers and vendors. These services span the review and implementation of strategic planning and operational direction; market entry and market exit; finance and vendor programmes; marketing and organisational development.