Captive & Vendor Programs

The captive market has remained strong even through the global economic recession. Many American financing firms have been successful in following customers or vendor programs in Canada. The common language is an advantage, and the continuing economic growth has produced positive results in every instance. The Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA) reported a 15 percent increase in lease volumes from 2010 to 2011, for example. A 28 percent increase in capital formation from 2005 to 2012 was also noted.

Management Consulting

The Alta Group in Canada provides consulting and conducts in-depth research tailored to client specifications in this region. Some clients are already operating here but are seeking growth opportunities; others rely on us when preparing to enter this territory,make an acquisition, or identify a partner that knows these business environments.
There are legal, cultural and regulatory nuances that must be understood in each of Canada’s five regions. Our consultants have years of experience worldwide, and we regularly conduct economic and business research to stay abreast of current trends and business activity specific to the equipment leasing and finance industry. For our latest contribution to industry knowledge in this region, please see our U.S. Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation study, “Oh Canada! Seeking Growth North of the Border.”

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our merger and acquisition practice includes both buy- and sell-side advisory services to include funding management, capital raising and valuation services. Our global consultants have collectively managed more than 200 M&A transactions.

Market Entry

If your company is considering entering Canada, there are a number of viable options to explore. We can review all of these with you and design a strategy based on what’s best for you. We also have the resources to help you implement your plans with consideration to operations—from funding, documentation and systems to human resources and regulatory matters. While similar to the U.S., there are distinctions that make a difference.