Financial Advisory

In China, The Alta Group’s financial advisory professionals offer funding management, merger and acquisition, and valuation advisory services. Alta’s expertise in equipment leasing and finance industry, combined with its understanding of the Chinese business environment, helps our clients maximize their returns-on-investment, expand sales channels and enhance their competitiveness.

Funding Management

Alta’s funding experts have decades of success helping equipment leasing and finance companies cultivate new funding sources and manage the financing necessary for the sustainability and growth of their organizations. Services include structuring of complex deals, syndications, leveraged leases and risk management.  We assist clients by identifying potential funding sources, helping negotiate lease funding and lines of credit, and arranging subordinated debt and equity financing.

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory Services

Alta’s mergers & acquisitions experts are former CEOs, company founders and senior executives who recognize and appreciate the complexity of such transactions from both the perspective of buyers and sellers in the equipment leasing and finance industry. The firm helps clients locate potential partner companies that will help them achieve their strategic goals. Alta provides analysis and due diligence services that evaluate companies and portfolios, and develop sale/purchase structures that create win-win solutions for all parties involved.

Alta further assists clients by locating, analyzing and negotiating with potential sellers or buyers; determining the value of a business or portfolio; examining alternative exit strategies, and structuring deals that meet short and long-term goals. Alta also provides advisory support in the formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Valuation Service

Alta professionals are experts at providing accurate and thorough valuations of companies and portfolios in the equipment leasing and finance industry. They have handled more than 100 formal valuations related to long-range strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, goodwill impairment and litigation.

Alta’s valuation experts assist clients by analyzing buy/sell options; providing fairness opinions in M&A proposals; improving negotiating postures; and determining value and damages in legal actions.

Management Consulting

In China, The Alta Group combines international experience with an understanding of the Chinese business environment to deliver unmatched management consulting services for businesses that seek to expand their leasing presence in China. This includes providing consulting services that focus on market entry, market exit, finance and vendor programs; marketing and organizational development.

Organization Development Consulting

 Many of our clients are looking for advice on strategic planning, problem resolution and risk management. Alta organizational development experts are leaders in helping clients analyze and strengthen internal policies and procedures. Our services range from examining loans and leases to evaluating matters of employee compensation.  Benchmarking against industry leaders, Alta recommends improvements that deliver bottom-line results for clients, laying the groundwork for continued growth and efficiency.

Strategic and Operational Consulting

Alta’s strategic and operational consulting experts help clients chart future success through strategic business plans and superior credit risk management policies. Our goal is to avoid unnecessary risks, while seizing competitive and sustainable growth opportunities for our clients. Our worldwide consulting and research resources consolidate strategic intelligence about the equipment leasing industry, including information on managing leasing companies, mitigating risks in emerging markets, and capitalizing on best practices for management and regulatory supervision of equipment leasing by governments and regulators.

Industry Centric Solutions

As segments of the equipment leasing and finance industry continue to grow in China, consulting services and solutions are increasingly becoming more industry specific. Alta’s industry expertise, unparalleled subject matter knowledge and experience, international resources and industry-leading research and analytical capabilities enable us to develop turnkey solutions for our clients targeted to specific industries such as construction, transportation, technology and aircraft.

Captive & Vendor Program Development and Management

Alta’s captive and vendor finance team helps manufacturers, as well as equipment leasing and finance companies, increase sales , market share and operational efficiencies.  We evaluate the competition, reposition product and service offerings, and maximize the value and the reach of sales channels at in both domestic and international markets.  Whether launching a new program or taking an existing operation to the next level, Alta provides valuable guidance in areas such as partner selection, performance metrics, program evaluation and program structuring.