Leadership, courage and vision are needed in unchartered waters of Covid-19. This page is dedicated to industry news and views on navigating the pandemic.


Getting off the ground in a pandemic will take knowledge and experience.

July 2020
Blog based on Monitor Webinar featuring Carl Chrappa and other industry panelists discussing current business and economic conditions.

June 2020: Manufacturing Best Practices: Creative Cash Flow Strategies for Manufacturers
Diane Croessmann writes about cash-flow strategies for manufacturers an essential need during the pandemic.

June 2020: “MODERN DAY SWINDLERS: Evading Fraud in the Digital World”
Common themes in fraud include deception, misdirection and reliance on the good faith of victims.

June 2020: Managing the Unprecedented Effects of a Pandemic on Equipment Leasing and Finance
“Managing the Unprecedented Effects of a Pandemic on Equipment Leasing and Finance” published by World Leasing Review Summer 2020 edition provides observations by The Alta Group and Invigors on the painful economic fall-out of Covid-19

June 2020: Pandemic Planning: Muddy Waters or New Waves for Equipment Finance
This Monitor May/June 2020 feature explores how the industry can stimulate technology investment through creative financing and usage options

May 2020: What Is the Industry Doing to Adjust?
Blog based on Monitor Webinar featuring John Deane with industry thought leaders on pandemic impact and views.

April 2020: Alta Article: More Pandemic Perspectives from Alta
Providing some advice for the industry moving forward.

April 2020: Asset Finance International
Rallying the industry: Equipment lessors still in “battle station” mode as pandemic impact hits

April 2020: Alta Blog: Advice for US Equipment Finance
Business recommendations and Coronavirus Impacts

April 2020: Equipment Finance Advisor
Perspectives on Coronavirus Impacts and How the Industry Will Respond
By U.S. Alta Consultants

April 2020: Alta Blog
How the Coronavirus Can Not Only Infect You, But Also Your Business

March 2020: Monitordaily
Pandemic Planning—Muddy Waters-or-New Waves for Equipment Finance
By Diane Croessmann

Global Industry Views and Perspectives Related to Covid-19

Webinar: Leasing in the time of COVID-19
Alta’s LAR and Invigors EMEA provide their “Leasing in their Time of Covid-19” YouTube recording on Alta’s new Covid-19 Resource page and offer advice on how to adapt to the changing conditions and identify the opportunities that will emerge.

Alta Latin American Region Webinars
Leasing in the time of Covid-19. Adapting Lessor’s strategies – April 15

View the recording on YouTube

Leasing en los tiempos del Covid-19 – April 1

Podcast: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on the Industry
Alta’s John Hurt and Deborah Baker of HP in this Monitor podcast discuss the impact of covid-19 on payment adjustments and the need to shift to flexible digital solutions that enable more work from home.




Resources for Navigating the Pandemic

Equipment Leasing & Finance Association:
Stimulus Package: What You Need to Know
Stimulus Package- 18-minute video interview, “SBA Lending Programs in Response to COVID-19: What Equipment Finance
Companies Need to Know.” Featuring ELFA’s Andy Fishburn and SBA expert Charles Rho

Equipment Leasing & Finance Association:
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