Our Experience

Invigors consultants have deep domain knowledge of the European Asset Finance industry offering our clients a broad spectrum of experience in areas including corporate restructuring, strategic marketing and research, M&A, asset and lifecycle management, funding, tax, regulatory and accounting services, business transformation together with captive and vendor finance.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“Invigors gave us a new business model to increase sales, improve margins and give us greater differentiation…I would recommend Invigors to any company”
EMEA VP Marketing, global top 3 manufacturer

“Invigors demonstrated real insight in making their market entry recommendations across several European markets, which are now central to our growth plans.”
European Marketing Director, global lessor

“Invigors’ research acumen and deep domain knowledge of the asset finance sector gave us a strong understanding of buyer requirements and tangible recommendations”
Sales & Marketing Director, leading industry supplier

“Astute, resourceful and extremely reliable, thoroughly recommended”
Managing Director, European operating lease arranger

“Service was excellent, project ‘did what it said on the tin’ – you can’t ask for more than that.”
UK Managing Director, US leasing company

“Invigors over-exceeded. They have confirmed my faith in consultants”
Business Development Director, UK leasing company

“We’ve used Invigors repeatedly – no matter what we’ve asked of them, they’re highly responsive, do great work and have never let us down. Invigors are more skilled and better value than anyone else we’ve found.”
European Marketing Director, global lessor

Captive Business and Programme Development

Development of pan-European captive leasing business for global technology manufacturer. Formulation of business case and financial model, creation of organisational design and operating procedures. Development of go-to-market strategy, business process design and implementation support on country-by-country basis.

Emerging market entry strategy

Study of market entry options for establishing leasing businesses in regional emerging markets conducted for international investment fund. Research covered the market structure and dynamics, legislative and regulatory frameworks, strategic options, including potential organisational design, and partnership options.

Pan-European Business Transformation Programme

Design, development and implementation management of major pan-European business transformation programme for global short-term rental business.

Technical leasing support - Tax support

1. Tax Support

The CFO of a captive leasing company recognised that the company had only limited tax expertise and needed additional support to ensure the accuracy of corporation tax returns.  Invigors has provided the necessary support on an annual basis over a period of 4 years, reviewing draft corporation tax returns and working papers for:

  • technical accuracy of information;
  • potential benefits of making alternative elections; and
  • potential benefits of alternative tax strategies.

As well as resulting in improved accuracy in information within the tax returns the involvement of Invigors has also led to tax savings for the company in each year.

2. Technical Support

A substantial bank-owned leasing group recognised that it did not have the necessary depth of expertise within its own staff to cover all technical issues around tax, accounting and capital management.  Invigors has provided on-going support to the group under a retainer arrangement on a range of tax, accounting and other matters, supplementing the in-house resources through access to Invigors expertise and market knowledge as required and providing pro active and targeted information feeds.  Specific areas of support provided by Invigors have included:

  1. operational support and planning on VAT matters, both in response to specific issues identified within the group and dissemination of information by Invigors;
  2. ensuring tax parameters properly reflected in lease pricing.  Activities have included not only ensuring proper pricing, but also dealing with tax changes;
  3. advising the project team designing the new leasing systems on relevant tax points, to enable accuracy of processing;
  4. consideration of requirements and effects of new accounting standards ahead of adoption;
  5. overseeing responses to and handling of various proposed and actual tax changes, including VAT, capital allowances and corporation tax rates;
  6. due diligence around the acquisition of another leasing company;
  7. active participation as part of the project team designing and implementing corporate restructuring;
  8. reviewing and advising on corporation tax returns.  The involvement of Invigors has enabled the group to have greater confidence in the accuracy of their returns, as well as improving the tax position through the efficient adoption of available elections.  Invigors has also worked with in-house staff in responding to questions raised by HMRC;
  9. evaluating potential benefits of establishing a captive insurance/ reinsurance subsidiary;
  10. developing strategy for capital requirements, using Invigors expert knowledge of the relevant regulatory requirements.
Asset Finance systems research study

Pan-European study of packaged asset finance systems available in Europe.  Detailed evaluation of systems proposition and capabilities through a generic RFI-style question set covered 20 asset finance systems vendors across Europe.  Study sponsored by a number of pan-European bank-owned and independent leasing companies and vehicle leasing captives

Vendor programme development - Expanding Global Reach for Manufacturing Company


An equipment manufacturer with a very well established in-house finance department was seeking to create a competitive advantage by providing financial services to their non US customer base through their global distributor network. Financial products would need to have the same look and feel within each geographic region. Our client’s products are manufactured to a premium standard and they needed to create a competitive differentiator to move customer focus away from price to an affordable monthly rental.


Invigors analysed each of the manufacturer’s regions to recommend the best fit for each individual region. Invigors identified three different financial models for the manufacturer’s non US sales which were aligned to the requirements of both the market and the manufacturer.

In their main European market Invigors’ market knowledge indicated that no single finance provider had the specific asset knowledge and country coverage to create a suitable finance partner. Invigors research into the finance options included the evaluation of the creation of a captive in-house finance solution with third-party service providers supporting the manufacturer. This offered  an outsourced end to end asset finance administration solution for the captive business enabling the manufacturer to offer a consistent financial product and service level across Europe.

In the second market, Australia and New Zealand, Invigors used its market knowledge to lead a vendor selection process to find a suitable finance partner. A highly experienced finance partner was identified and Invigors supported both parties in the development and implementation of a local finance programme.

In their third market, South America, finance volumes were anticipated to be low as equipment finance for these products is not yet well established. Invigors has used its market knowledge to develop a referral programme with a well respected funder to start a soft entry into this region with the ambition of developing a vendor programme when finance volumes are sufficient.


The manufacturer has started the process of increasing their global financial product reach through a variety of solutions which take into account not only the manufacturer’s sales growth aspirations but also local market conditions and solutions tailored to their long term potential. This will enable the manufacturer to increase their sales as the provision of a financial product is now giving them a distinct sales advantage and enabling them to win business from their competitors and strengthen their market position.

By avoiding a “one size fits all” the three finance solutions proposed by Invigors are aligned with the different stages of evolution reached by each of the three markets and are a model of how finance programs grow and develop over time. In the emerging market (South America) a referral basis agreement has been implemented, while in the more established market (Australia and New Zealand) a vendor program is now running and in the most established market (Europe) a captive with outsourced end to end back office processing is being created.