Funding Advisory

Invigors EMEA’s Funding Programmes provide finance companies and manufacturers with effective and efficient funding solutions for their financing programs. Programme scope ranges from meeting single country requirements to pan-European multi-channel or global funding solutions.

Funding has become a major concern for many organisations and lack of access to adequate funding lines can cause significant issues for business leaders and finance teams.  Invigors can help alleviate these issues, recommending funding strategies and identifying funding solutions. Senior and operational managers can then focus their attention on their business whilst utilising Invigors’ resources to find profit maximising solutions.

Invigors utilises customisable funding processes that are rigorous, robust and based on real-life project experience. These processes are applied across the programme development spectrum covering areas including:-

  • Assessment and formulation of funding reviews.
  • Analysis of funding requirements.
  • Evaluation of new funding products for specific markets.
  • Equipment types and customer profiles.
  • Managing the proposal process.
  • Evaluating funders’ responses and recommending solutions to client organisations.

The basis of Invigors’ approach is to align the funding process to the customer business strategies, objectives and metrics. The key foundation of this process is an in-depth knowledge of funders, their current funding appetite, customer delivery capabilities and their ability to deliver the most appropriate funding solutions for their clients. Invigors establishes close relationships with clients and often works jointly with in-house teams to deliver cost effective project solutions and promote effective skills transfer.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Invigors EMEA’s M&A practice supports bank owned and independent asset finance companies as well as manufacturers’ finance operations – both captive and vendor – with an effective, efficient and secure service to expand their business through horizontal or vertical integration.

The scope of our M&A activities ranges from single country operations to pan European multi-channel or global operations. Based on a set of robust and proven processes backed by many years of experience in corporate transactions, Invigors addresses the challenge of finding the most effective solutions to the many different issues which are presented to potential acquirers or disposers of a business.

Finance companies which are seeking to acquire or dispose of an asset finance business or operation and recognise that “one size does not fit all” will benefit from Invigors’ bespoke and highly focused approach to their M&A challenge.

Invigors has proven processes that are customised, rigorous, robust and based on real-life project experience. These processes cover all elements of M&A from the initial strategic decision through to identifying targets, target price aspirations, value negotiations, commercial due diligence, transaction lead or support and eventual integration and/or disposal of non-core operations.

The Invigors team is always led by an industry-experienced Partner responsible for the rigorous assessment and formulation of strategic options, analysis of requirements, financial evaluation of options, market and customer profile impacts and managing the acquisition process.  These activities are undertaken with the appropriate level of client involvement and monitored within an agreed reporting framework.

Post acquisition, Invigors can review the outcomes with the client to ensure that the business strategies, objectives and metrics are on track and are still relevant for the organisation in the short term and are in support of its longer term goals.

New Market Development

Invigors EMEA’s New Market Development provides finance companies, manufacturers and service providers with an effective, efficient and focussed solution to developing into new or adjacent markets.

Business leaders in the organization can assess the potential opportunities and risks of strategic initiatives while aligning the requirements and dynamics of the external market with internal goals and business imperatives.

Invigors has a proven market development processes that are repeatable and reliable and based on real-life experience. In client scenarios, these have been applied to the assessment and formulation of new country entry strategies, evaluation of new products opportunities ranging from insurance to invoice finance and implementation of new online channels for SME equipment leasing markets.

The basis of Invigors’ approach is to align the process to key customer business strategies, objectives and metrics. This ensures that the proposed solutions are not only right for the market, but right for the business itself.

The key foundation of our process is research in order that proposed solutions are strongly evidence based. Significant focus is placed on ensuring that we understand the market drivers, customer behaviour drivers and the competitive dynamics, all of which have a fundamental impact on the future success of a new proposition and its go-to-market strategy.

As a “hands-on” organisation we do not confine ourselves to strategic planning and advice but can also fully support the implementation and development of the solution including local rollout support in country.

The Invigors process ensures that new developments are based on sound evidence and analysis which is conducted independently by experienced experts. This gives clients a clear understanding of the opportunity, the challenges and the implications, and a choice of market entry options, increasing the chances of success and minimising risks.

Research & Analysis

Invigors EMEA combines primary research, market analysis and business analytics to provide clients with unique insights into their market, competitors and business.  Our research and analysis activities range from company, territory and country level to across the EMEA region. At a market level, analysis enables clients to understand the size, structure and trends within the markets in which they operate.

We apply business analytics to external and internal metrics across areas ranging from new business development and marketing campaign optimisation, to profitability improvement programmes and risk analysis.

Invigors’ activity based costing models provide leasing companies with detailed visibility of profitability by product, asset category, territory and channel enabling informed decisions to be made on improving process efficiency and driving bottom-line improvement across the business.

Invigors brings a number of proven research methodologies and analytic frameworks together in a set of processes which are customised to align with the client’s objectives and business requirements. The research approach includes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to provide a statistically robust dataset of customer or market insights delivering a solid foundation on which strategic decisions can be based.

Market analysis includes segmentation methodologies based on customer values as well as standard leasing demographic criteria. Quantitative models incorporate predictive analytic techniques to analyse behaviour drivers and provide forecasts. The process is entirely customisable and can be fully integrated with the client’s planning and budgeting cycle.

Invigors research and analysis capabilities provide clients with a holistic insight into their markets, customers and business through creating an evidence based platform for strategic planning, business development, risk management and performance improvement.

Invigors research and analysis enables clients to operate within a more accurate and objective planning environment aligned to their business imperatives whilst reflecting the dynamics of the market in which they operate. It delivers an understanding of the interplay between external and internal business drivers and quantifies their impact on business KPIs.

Strategy Development

Invigors EMEA’s strategic solutions provide finance companies, manufacturers and service providers across Europe with an effective and efficient business strategy for their organisations and stakeholders. Invigors supports the development of effective business strategies for clients, from reviewing the basic elements of strategic direction of existing operations to advanced market entry, exit, products and funding.

Providing the right strategic direction and analysing the correct range of options is an imperative for all organisations that must meet or exceed stakeholders objectives.

Invigors has proven processes that are customised, rigorous, robust, and based on real-life project experience. For strategy development, these include the assessment and formulation of strategic options, analysis of requirements, financial evaluation of options, market and customer profile impacts, and managing the strategic process.

The basis of Invigors’ approach is to align the strategic solutions to the stakeholder business strategies, objectives and metrics whilst maintaining a rigorous and challenging market driven review. This ensures that the proposed solutions are not only right for the organisation in the short term, but provide a durable framework to achieve its longer term goals.

Significant focus is placed on understanding clients’ market drivers, their customer behaviour imperatives and the competitive dynamics in their market. All of these have a fundamental impact on the future success of a new strategy.

The Invigors process ensures that strategic solutions are based on sound evidence and analysis that is conducted independently by experienced experts. This provides clients with a clear understanding of the opportunity, the challenges and the implications and a choice of options, thereby increasing the chances of success and minimising risks.

Vendor & Captive Finance

Many companies use finance and leasing as part of their sales offering, or to enhance their dealers’ growth. Often a misalignment occurs between manufacturer and finance provider, or the full potential of the programme – in terms of increased equipment sales, margin protection, reduced debtor days, competitive differentiation and development of the company’s distribution network – is not achieved.

Invigors EMEA  provides manufacturers and suppliers with practical solutions to establish, assess and enhance the provision of finance to their customers. Based on broad experience across EMEA of the needs and challenges faced in using their own financing capability or those of third party lenders, Invigors enables manufacturers and suppliers to optimise the benefits and manage the risks of both vendor programmes and in-house financing businesses.

Invigors EMEA supports companies looking to establish a new finance programme or reviewing an existing programme or supplier, in the UK or across Europe.

  • Establishing a finance programme, aligned to the vendor’s specific business model
  • Financial appraisal and business case development
  • Development and management of finance-related processes
  • Salesforce training and development
  • In-house advisory and transaction support
  • Vendor-specific new finance products and marketing campaigns
  • Wholesale finance for dealers and resellers
  • Finance supplier selection and contract negotiations
  • Managing finance company relationships
  • Lease accounting
  • Co-ordination of tax, accounting and compliance issues

Invigors EMEA also supports finance companies aiming to develop their vendor finance capabilities or manage geographic expansion.

Asset Management & Remarketing

With global experience of all aspects of asset management and remarketing across a very diverse range of collateral types, Invigors Asset Management helps companies to make step changes in their development.

This can take the form of helping executive management formulate and develop new visions and strategies for products services and systems, through detailed development planning of asset management strategies, organisational development and change management, through to implementation support.

Invigors Asset Management can provide essential assistance in areas such as:

  • Product and service innovation
  • New business support and business development
  • Asset management strategy development
  • Risk management policy and control development
  • Risk appetite development and measurement
  • Asset risk management and process development
  • Portfolio management strategy and process development
  • Equipment returns management
  • Remarketing strategy and channel development
  • Remarketing channel management and remarketing performance improvement
  • Equipment disposal and compliance
  • Organisational performance and process improvement
  • Asset management systems and technologies
  • Information and data management
  • Performance management and development
  • Staff development, coaching and training

Lifecycle Management

Invigors Asset Management offers the full spectrum of advisory services relating to lifecycle management.

This can span helping senior management develop new visions and strategies for products and business models, through to detailed development and implementation of such visions, with attention to commercial and market positioning, systems and process requirements, risk management and the organisational aspects of staffing and change management.

Invigors Asset Management offers invaluable support in areas including:-

  • Business model and business strategy development
  • Product and service development
  • Tracking and tagging technologies
  • Lifecycle systems and process design development and implementation
  • Information management and data mining / insight generation
  • Customer socket control and loyalty development strategies
  • Portfolio management and fleet management
  • Second life customer segmentation and pricing strategy development
  • Second life asset redeployment and strategies
  • Remanufacturing and refurbishment strategies
  • Secondary market management and channel management
  • Scrapping strategies, component harvesting, equipment disposal and compliance
  • Staff development, coaching and training

Technical Leasing Services

Whether you’re an established leasing business facing a new issue or looking to update your current position, a new entrant or a manufacturer involved in a vendor finance programme, there’ll be times when you need additional expertise to resolve technical leasing matters. With deep knowledge, constantly updated, Invigors EMEA can provide high quality technical support, either on an issue-specific or ongoing basis.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Regulatory updating, training and impact analysis
  • Tax, accounting, compliance and capital adequacy support
  • Technical issue resolution
  • Interim or ongoing part-time technical management
  • New product development
  • Transaction structuring
  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Analysis and prioritisation of alternative financing options
  • Documentation review
  • Risk analysis
  • M&A Support

Invigors EMEA also provides training for individuals or groups on specific technical leasing issues.

Learning & Professional Development

While frequently providing learning & development specialists for public courses run by trade associations and other training organisations, our main focus is to deliver client-specific programmes that maximise organisational ROI. These can be designed as a one-off exercise, on a repeated basis as part of a company’s development curriculum or company-wide courses as part of a major change programme.

By identifying your exact Professional Development needs, our service can be fully tailored to your organisation and include pre-session study materials, learning validation through testing, certification and structured follow-up, and tracking of staff development over the medium term.

Different course levels are available to cover the introductory, intermediate and advanced needs of your staff.

Most frequently requested in-house Professional Development courses cover areas such as:

  • Induction, skills development and product knowledge
  • Advanced product knowledge
  • Lease pricing and structuring
  • Finance selling skills
  • Accounting, tax and regulatory knowledge
  • Governance, corporate structuring and treasury
  • Issue-specific workshops (such as impact of regulatory changes)
  • Strategy development skills (such as benchmarking or scenario planning)
  • Solutions workshops for improving specific business practices