Rafael Castillo-Triana

Rafael Castillo-Triana

CEO, The Alta Group Latin American Region, LLC

  • Management experience of over a decade in equipment leasing companies
  • Expert in international law and leasing law worldwide, former leasing executive.
  • Specializes in vendor leasing, market research, deal structuring, delinquency management, corporate governance.
  • More than 27 years in the leasing industry in Latin America and Emerging Markets of Africa and the Middle East.

Rafael Castillo-Triana, CEO of The Alta Group Latin American Region, LLC, based in Fort Lauderdale, is an international attorney with more than 27 years in the leasing industry. A former executive for a leasing company in South America, he later founded two leasing companies in Colombia. In 1990, he left his leasing management career behind and focused on serving as a legal counselor and consultant for lessors.

An expert in international leasing law, Rafael has been a keynote speaker at the World Leasing Convention three times. He represented the Colombian government in the drafting of the national convention for international financial leasing developed through the UNIDROIT convention. He has published two books on leasing, written numerous papers, prepared speeches and lectured at universities and law schools in the U.S.

“You need to understand both sides of the culture in establishing Latin American operations, knowing what an American company wants to accomplish as well as what the Latin American market is willing to do.”

Rafael’s in-depth knowledge of international leasing law and his experience in founding, developing and managing lease finance companies is invaluable to Alta clients seeking to establish and expand operations in Latin America. Beyond the legal and business issues involved in international finance, he is skilled in cross-cultural translation and balancing a lessor’s goals in a country or region with what the market can offer.

The Latin American Group has local presence in all Latin American countries. Rafael has built a database that includes more than names of strategic partners in the region, but also information about the executives, their concerns, key negotiating points and their place in the LAR market. Typical projects for Alta clients include market research, competitive analysis and strategic analysis, with a focus on vendor leasing.

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