Legal Services


Alta’s LAR legal support and dispute resolution division provides:

  • International legal studies and analysis — market entry, risk management (legal, tax and regulatory) and other services;
  • Regulatory work — Alta’s resources have resulted in the enactment of several leasing laws around the world, providing capacity building for governments and the private sector, and expanding best practices in the legal and regulatory domains;
  • Transactional work – Through our associate Coordination Center for Legal Counsel in Latin America (, we gather the most robust, skilled and cost-efficient network of law firms throughout the Americas. This provides the best quality transactional work available for making equipment leasing and financing deals solid and sustainable;
  • Collections and delinquency management — Through our experts in equipment business and risk management, and our business connections and network of law firms, Alta provides the most efficient delinquency management platform available in Latin America to effectively enforce creditors rights in the equipment leasing and financing field.

Rafael Castillo-Triana
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Management Consulting


Alta’s management consulting and research resources in Latin America have been consolidating strategic intelligence about the equipment leasing industry in the region. Alta developed a unique database for the benefit of the industry at large, which gathers, among other facts:

  • The most complete financial information available about who is who in the equipment leasing and financing industry in Latin America. The Alta LAR 100 Reportsalso provide a ranking of the region’s equipment leasing and finance companies.
  • The most complete legal database available about equipment leasing and financing in Latin America. This includes the work compiled in the book “Legal Aspects of Equipment Leasing in Latin America,” written by Alta’s managing principal for Latin America, Dr. Rafael Castillo-Triana, and a complete and updated database of legal statutes, jurisprudence and case law about equipment leasing worldwide.
  • The most complete and updated database available about economic and management research and papers relevant for the enhancement of leasing businesses. This includes information on managing leasing companies, managing risks in emerging markets, and best practices for management and regulatory supervision of equipment leasing by governments and regulators.

Juan Neil Dodds
Senior Managing Director
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Vendor & Captive Program Creation


The Alta Group’s Vendor and Captive Finance Practice, managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience and expertise working in this sector, assists clients in determining market drivers and building strategic plans to form captive finance companies, joint ventures, or third-party financing programs. Alta works with clients to:

  • Review program structures and determine which would be most appropriate;
  • Identify available talent to manage such an equipment-financing initiative, be it a captive, joint venture or a third-party program;
  • Select funding partners and/or service providers;
  • Help identify tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements inherent in financing programs;
  • Determine system needs and select the appropriate technology platform;
  • Secure necessary licenses to operate the business; and,
  • Train employees of the parent company and equipment-financing entity to assure success.

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Juan Neil Dodds
Senior Managing Director, Vendor Financing Services
+1-239-344-7944        Ph. USA
+54 911 5327-0583    Ph. Argentina

Mergers & Acquisitions


Alta’s LAR mergers & acquisitions division provides:

  • Funding solutions for equipment leasing projects and companies, including structuring of complex deals, syndications, leveraged leases, and other transactions. Click here for more information.
  • Valuation of companies and portfolios;
  • Investment procurement, raising debt and equity for leasing companies and equipment vendors;
  • Representation of buyers and sellers in mergers & acquisitions of both companies and financial portfolios;
  • Advisory services for mergers & acquisitions.

Guillermo J. Berretta 
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Professional Development


Alta’s LAR Professional Development Division conducts:

  • The Annual Latin American Leasing Conference, where all the leasing leaders of the region meet annually. The conference is held in conjunction with FELALEASE and attended by equipment leasing associations throughout Latin America;
  • The Annual Latin American Legal Forum on Leasing, which gathers the best legal experts of the equipment leasing industry in Latin America, and produces important exchanges of ideas and improvements in business, transactional and legal practices and strategies; and
  • Seminars and training in specific countries of Latin America, and to individual companies for training their own employees. Click here to request training information.
  • Find our event information at

Melvin Lobo Dinis
Senior Managing Director
San Jose, Costa Rica
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