Alta Vice Chairman Paul Menzel joins Leadership Development News with Drs. Relly Nadler and Cathy Greenberg to discuss how he “leads people to perform.” In this 40-minute podcast, Paul covers his notable career leading others to top performance as a president and a CEO: through his own continuous learning, emotional intelligence and developing a great corporate culture. His experience comes from a lifelong career in the equipment leasing industry, and notably joining Financial Pacific Leasing in 2008 during the depths of the Great Recession. He held together a strong team through nationwide financial straits and led the 2013 private equity sale of Financial Pacific to Umpqua Bank, before being appointed President and CEO of Umpqua Bank Equipment Leasing and Finance. He made bold decisions, inspired others and led these firms to exceptional performance. “Take bold steps,” he says. “Be the initiator. You can’t wait for others to engage with you.”

 Short on time? Jump to these highlights:

 3:30: “Leadership doesn’t happen by itself.” How Paul Menzel grew into the leader he is today.

6:45: Paul discusses managing a company successfully through four ownership changes and four recessions with same employee group.

 9:10: He talks about how emotional intelligence ties to leadership.

 11:25: At this time stamp, Paul talks about how to lead others to perform. “You need to know who your people are, they need to know you,” he says.

 15:00: The conversation turns to creating authentic connections online, especially when making hiring decisions.

 20:00: Paul explains creating a strong corporate culture.

24:30: He branches into developing empathy as a leader, and why that’s important. Soon after, he discusses “being who you really are” with a team.

34:45: Paul explains how to be “emotionally brilliant in the moment” when making tough decisions.