A leading industry service provider that sells equipment leasing and finance management software worldwide was preparing to upgrade and launch a new product in the United States. In preparation for the launch, Company officials wanted to understand which of the new product features were important to customers and prospects. With that market data in hand, the Company would be able to design a highly effective launch plan that ensured the best positioning and competitive pricing for the launch, as well as refine the company’s value proposition in the marketplace. The service provider engaged The Alta Group to conduct a comprehensive survey to gather that critical market information from customers and prospects.


Alta conducted interviews with more than two dozen current customers and prospects. A consultant knowledgeable in business intelligence and software from Alta’s European unit, Invigors, and another consultant in the United States with specialized knowledge conducted the phone interviews. They needed to reach top level management and were able to gain better participation than even anticipated. Nearly half of the customers and prospective customers interviewed were CEOs.


Alta’s research not only provided insight on designing an effective launch plan that encouraged customers to upgrade to the new product, it also provided feedback on management perceptions of the company. Executives with the service provider were delighted with the research, according to Valerie Gerard, managing director, who managed the project for The Alta Group.

The Alta Group’s projects for the Service Provider Vertical in the equipment leasing and finance industry are headed by Michael J. Fleming, senior managing director.