Reuben, Pilch, Haddad

Alta Director Patricia Voorhees talks with three female founders at the intersection of finance and technology:  Gabrielle Haddad, co-founder and COO of Sigma Rating; Deborah Reuben, president of Reuben Creative; and Sasha Pilch, co-founder of NYC Women in Fintech. They share in this 37 minute segment how their careers have evolved in financial technology and the importance of diversity in product design and delivery. They point to the value of being more inclusive and ensuring there is more equality, especially in fintech businesses and in equipment finance markets where creativity is critical to success.

In recent years Voorhees has developed specialized fintech knowledge while consulting to industry entrants and transforming clients of The Alta Group and speaking on the subject at industry events.

Podcast Transcript

Podcast conversations with Gabrielle Haddad, Co-founder and COO of Sigma Rating, Deb Reuben, president of Reuben Creative, and Sasha Pilch, Co-Founder of NYC Women in Fintech