Diane Croessmann

Diane Croessmann


  • Specialized experience in creation and implementation of captive and vendor leasing programs.
  • Created and deployed a competitive worldwide managed solutions strategy to achieve a multi-billion-dollar business unit opportunity at Lenovo Financial Services.
  • Won Xerox Chairman’s Award for innovation in strategy and execution of transformation activities.
  • Served as executive member of ELFA board of directors, involved in regulatory negotiations with SEC, FASB, members of Congress.

Diane Croessmann is recognized as a leader in the equipment leasing and finance industry, and has a wealth of experience deploying leasing and managed solutions programs worldwide.

Diane has expertise developing early strategy for captive and vendor leasing and managed solutions programs, executing these programs on both a national and international scale and restructuring sales operations.

“Today, clients are facing fierce transformational challenges as they embrace new workforce, technology and sustainability strategies.   Although there is comfort in staying the same, it’s not a time to be timid.  This is an era of unprecedented change that comes with an equal amount of unlimited opportunity.   Asset financing and funding strategies need to keep pace with this transformation in the way clients build, use and recycle products.  I can’t think of a better place to participate in this adventure than with clients who embrace change in collaboration with the expertise and talent of the Alta team. “

Before joining The Alta Group, Diane served as worldwide managing director of Lenovo Financial Services, where she implemented global strategies in captive and vendor leasing and managed solutions. She worked for 23 years in leasing for Xerox Corporation, where she held several executive positions in North America and internationally, and was involved in the development and deployment of a more than $6 billion captive leasing strategy.  She was the comptroller for North America, vice president of customer operations, vice president/director of worldwide strategy, vice president/director of the managed services business division, and general manager of leasing and customer business operations for Eastern Europe/Middle East, Latin America and India.

Diane has served on the board of directors and executive committee of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, where she was involved in regulatory negotiations with the SEC, FASB and members of Congress. She is a recognized industry speaker on topics including changes in lease accounting and migration to managed services offerings.

She is a certified public accountant, and graduated from Syracuse University in New York with a bachelor of science degree in accounting.

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Diane Croessmann
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