Patricia M. Voorhees

Patricia M. Voorhees


  • Over 25 years of experience in commercial finance, including positions at IBM and GE Capital
  • Established more than a dozen new vendor and captive finance programs
  • Managed more than 14 acquisition originations
  • Led a small-ticket leasing business with $5.5 billion in assets and 450 employees.

Patricia M. Voorhees, a director at The Alta Group, has over 25 years of experience in commercial finance. Her expertise focuses on forming captive financing companies, establishing vendor finance programs, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions within the commercial finance industry. Clients also benefit from her experience in business development, strategic pricing, business ethics, sales and marketing. After launching her career at IBM, Voorhees was an executive at GE Capital from 1996 to 2011, where she served in several key roles. In her initial position as vice president for business development, Patricia was responsible for establishing more than a dozen new vendor and captive finance programs. She then became managing director of business development for M&As, managing more than 14 acquisition originations. Later she was the company’s general manager of Office Imaging Finance, leading a small-ticket leasing business with $5.5 billion in assets and 450 employees. She also was GE Capital’s strategic pricing leader during the U.S. financial crisis.

Attractive financing options are critical for our vendor clients. Alta delivers the expertise to help clients optimize captive financing capability and grow their businesses. Whether it is working with a vendor client or advising on a buy or sell side M&A transaction, Alta’s deep expertise in equipment finance creates value in what matters to clients.

Most recently, Patricia was founding principal and president of Verus Services Group, a consultancy serving the commercial finance and commercial real estate markets. Patricia holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Western Connecticut State University, and two masters of arts degrees from Fordham University, in education for peace and social justice, and ethics and society. Patricia currently serves as Director of Fordham University Business School’s Consortium for Trustworthy Organizations.

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Patricia M. Voorhees
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