Vendor & Captive Program Creation

The Alta Group’s Vendor and Captive Finance Team of professionals, with decades of experience and expertise working in this sector, assists clients in determining market drivers and building strategic plans to form captive finance companies, joint ventures, or third-party financing programs. Manufacturers appreciate the sales-aid value of offering financing and are seeking our consult to develop managed service models based on consumption. Alta works with clients in many industries including medical, technology, energy, transportation, agriculture and construction:

  • Review program structures and determine which would be most appropriate;
  • Identify available talent to manage such an equipment-financing initiative, be it a captive, joint venture or a third-party program;
  • Select funding partners and/or service providers;
  • Help identify tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements inherent in financing programs;
  • Determine system needs and select the appropriate technology platform;
  • Secure necessary licenses to operate the business; and, train employees of the parent company and equipment-financing entity to assure success.

Key Services:

  • Outsourcing Assistance
  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Process Development, Documentation and Optimization
  • Syndication and Securitization Assistance
  • Training

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