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April 10, 2023

The Alta Group’s European and LAR regions are planning 2023 conferences and welcome new ideas for topics and speakers. This year’s conferences are planned for Nov. 15-16 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Nov. 8-10 in Miami, Florida.  

Since its founding in 1992, The Alta Group has sponsored a series of industry gatherings to advance growth opportunities in equipment finance and address various challenges across the globe. Our Latin American Leasing Conferences, held mainly in Miami, are the cornerstone annual events for the leasing industry every year in Latin America. The Alta Group Latin America and Emerging Markets and Invigors EMEA, part of The Alta Group, organize an annual Lease Conference held in various Middle East locations such as Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Istanbul (Turkey).

During the years when Alta has held these conferences, attendees have praised the opportunities that were brought to them in terms of networking with peers and colleagues, as well as funding sources, government officials and global influencing leaders. Besides, the overall content and topics of the conferences have brought the seeds to implementing improvements in their business practices. 

Why we do this

All too often, equipment finance professionals are busy with day-to-day business priorities and don’t dedicate time to review growth opportunities and operational challenges facing our industry. The annual ELFA Convention and the Leaseurope Convention provide exactly that opportunity for senior executives. But elsewhere around the world, traditional industry gatherings all but faded away. Developing countries became orphans of events that could provide such business intelligence considering the overall business environment and challenges of developing countries.

We at The Alta Group and Invigors proactively filled that business intelligence gap for the Latin American and Middle Eastern markets with more than 20 and 9 conferences, respectively. This happens every second and third week of November, in general.

The conferences always bring industry experts and speakers who bring unique value to the attendees in all areas of the business, covering regulations, best practices, technology advances and implementations, amongst the topics that drive the interest of business leaders in the regions.

Every year, the conference organizers conduct surveys where the members of the industry can suggest the topics to be developed in each conference. Any readers of this note are welcome to contact us with suggested topics. 


The Invigors Lease Conference Dubai provided a superb combination of relevant presentations and discussion topics together with a broad range of delegates who attended in person and via video link from across the region.

This hybrid approach allowed for a great deal of meaningful content to be shared and discussed, as well as providing the environment for the initiation of new relationships and the strengthening of existing partnerships.

In my opinion, the conference goes someway to truly support the development of the industry across MEA.

Paul Bennett
SVP International Business Development & Banking Alliances iVendi

Recent Takeaways: From Miami and Dubai

Last year we once again produced the LAR and ME conferences. The 20th LAR conference, held in Miami, hosted 75 attendees representing more than 50 companies and covered the panoramic of leasing in Latin America, plus latest developments in risk management, funding, the need to adapt to ESG and other key topics. The 2nd ME conference took place in Dubai, with over 80 attendees, and covered relevant topics for the industry in general and for the auto financing and equipment financing industries in particular. These two cities are regional hubs that gather trade routes of capital goods and financial centers that operate, respectively, in Latin America and the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa.

The 2022 general theme was how to align our business strategies and initiatives with a new post-pandemic normal. At the core of both events were reviewing the state of the industry and the lessons we learned from the lockdowns, from the supply-chain disruptions and the geopolitical polarization challenges, aggravated by the war in Ukraine.

In both regions, the panelists and speakers shared their knowledge and experience. They showed the latest opportunities and challenges for the industry with a new alignment of supply chains, by nearshoring and “friend shoring,” and how life in urban centers learned lessons from the lockdowns and brought changes to mobility. They demonstrated the use of technology to support remote work and how to develop new leadership approaches to appropriately manage talent and customers who suffered some “aha” moments about their personal lives during the pandemic. They also shared what we all learned in risk management, because the effects of the pandemic and post-pandemic are not over, and the wag tails of inflation and recession challenges are expected to impact our business.

In both regions, we invited the attendees to view the panoramic of their business in its role in time and space, how we are in a fifth industrial revolution, and that our role is to navigate in the deployment of capital goods to build a golden age after these crises.

In future conferences, we will continue to explore industry best practices and how they impact the key pillars of value for all those who are in the business of deploying and financing capital goods. That includes original equipment manufacturers, distributors, logistic and transportation providers, banks, insurers, investors and businesses of every size that provide goods and/or services, as well as government and regulators that must understand development trends. The times in which we live demand us to think big and efficiently utilize technological advances. Our role is to bring the knowledge and discussion about how to use that technology in our business. This impacts the way we shape our strategies, the way we go to business and generate new deals, and the way to assess and manage risks. It also impacts how we price our value propositions, make our human resources more productive, apply technology, create new things, contribute to society (nowadays, this is encapsulated in ESG deployment) and the way we make stronger our governance.

The 2023 conferences, scheduled for Nov. 8-10 in Miami and Nov. 15-16 in Dubai, will examine these leading topics.  

Following our future conferences is a smart idea. Please see our programming on our Alta Conferences site.

Please contact:

Hans Geijsen MBA
Regional Leader MEA / Directeur Regional MOA
Invigors EMEA, part of The Alta Group
Mobile + WhatsApp: +31 6 8355 2986
[email protected]


Rafael Castillo-Triana
CEO Latin American Region and Emerging Markets
Mobile & WhatsApp +1-954-288-0771
[email protected]

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