Legal Services

Expert analysis for complex issues

Seasoned Advisors and Testifying Experts

Alta’s Legal Services advisors provide proven insight and expert testimony that address the complex issues arising in equipment leasing controversies. Our team’s deep industry experience allows us to support clients in areas that may be unfamiliar to other counsel or to business participants having less experience in the subject matter of equipment financing.

Broad Knowledge

Alta’s team supports clients throughout the litigation cycle. We provide pre-litigation advice and assistance in spotting key issues, analyzing and assessing pleadings, motions, and argument, and rebutting opposing experts. We offer services in managing and supervising legal counsel in non-US jurisdictions including: locating and engaging qualified attorneys in international jurisdictions, coordinating and overseeing work product, and accounting and billing oversight. Alta’s teams also steps in to assist attorneys and litigation counsel by providing seasoned and battle-tested expert testimony.

Proven Results

Our in-depth industry knowledge and advice are based on real world experience and allows clients to move with confidence through complex situations.