Funding Strategy

Cultivate Funding Sources, Increase Profitability

Understanding Needs to Unlock Capital

Access to ample amounts of low-cost capital is vital to the growth and profitability of successful equipment finance and leasing companies. Alta works closely with clients to understand capital needs, risk profile, and strategic objectives and then identifies the appropriate sources capital for their specific requirements.

Leverage In-Depth Knowledge to Find Effective Solutions

Alta partners with leaders to determine the organization’s short- and long-term business strategies, objectives, and key performance metrics. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of the various funding sources, their risk profile, and preferred market segments, we identify and deliver cost effective funding solutions while taking the pressure off of management to allow them to effectively run their business. Alta advisors review term sheets from various financing sources and help to negotiate favorable terms designed to achieve the best results for our client.

Right Capital, Right Outcome

There are many forms of capital and having a keen understanding of the business need is critical to success. Alta identifies the right sources of equity, lines of credit, syndication relationships, securitization parties to meet the needs of the business.