Captive & Vendor Finance

Foundational Expertise

Alta’s deep expertise in designing creative customer financing solutions dates back to our very first client, Boeing Capital. Since then, we have helped hundreds of manufacturers and distributors across all geographies and equipment types.

Custom Solutions Around the World and Across Industry Types

Our advisers have decades of experience structuring competitive and flexible customer financing programs, including lifecycle and managed services models , that solve the distinctive needs of manufacturers and vendors. Our knowledge allows us to design and deliver highly customized solutions across the globe and whether the program involves one or several equipment types. We assist manufacturers to identify and implement the optimal customer financing strategy – a captive finance company, joint ventures, or third-party financing programs – from sales, product offering, risk, operational and balance sheet perspectives.

Developing Client Capabilities

In our work with clients across a broad range of industries including medical, technology, energy, transportation, agriculture, and construction, we help develop and sharpen vendor finance capabilities.