For Banks

Enhancing growth and profits through equipment finance programs

Liquidity in the marketplace is encouraging more banks to offer equipment leasing products to their customers. These programs can provide high-yield sources of revenue outside of traditional bank products.  It’s a highly specialized business, however, and requires understanding a host of considerations, from residuals to equipment aftermarkets, regulatory and tax requirement to risk management. 

The Alta Group is a trusted resource for banks that are launching or expanding their equipment leasing and finance operations. Count on our seasoned professionals to help your bank manage risk, fuel growth, and increase profitability.

For Captives and Vendors

Understanding the options and choosing the best path forward

Manufacturers seeking to serve customers with innovative financial product solutions need to thoroughly assess their options for captive and vendor programs and answer key questions. Are our goals aligned? What are the key financial metrics, desired product features, and essential operational functions? What constraints in capital structure need to be addressed?

At The Alta Group, we have decades of experience working with the vendor and captive finance market. We can help you assess market drivers and then develop strategic plans to form captive finance companies, joint ventures, or third-party financing programs to drive incremental revenue and significantly expand customer reach.

For Independent Leasing and Finance Companies

Sharpening your competitive edge with insights, guidance, and practical support

As economies recover from market disruptions, more and more lessors are reconsidering or re-designing their business models to embrace the acceleration of digital technology in every facet of business. They are exploring also where they want to go next – from new vertical segments and asset classes to new financial products and go-to-market frameworks, including fintech, consumption-based models, the use of blockchain, and multi-lender networks.

The Alta Group provides strategic insight and agile solutions responsive to the dynamic changes in the real world, including the challenges of asset finance and commercial equipment leasing. We can help you transform your business today and be ready to embrace opportunities for tomorrow. 

For Service Providers

Gaining strategic insight – and salient intelligence – for better-informed decisions

Whether you’re a software vendor, fintech, or other type of service provider to the equipment finance industry, today’s dynamic market demands business intelligence and insight. You will need a fine-tuned value proposition, from focusing on a product to tailoring solutions to new geographies and markets, from executing an acquisition strategy to finding strategic investors as a new source of funding.

At The Alta Group, we offer strategic insight into emerging trends and salient intelligence that can help you understand the true needs of your potential clients before you invest. Count on our breadth of industry knowledge and expertise to maximize value and thrive into the future.

For the Investment Community

Leveraging our global network – plus deep market expertise – to optimize investments

Prospective investors need additional metrics and insights to make sound investment decisions in the equipment finance industry. Understanding where value-creating opportunities will arise requires support from knowledgeable market professionals who can provide both country and market specific intelligence, and insight into key market drivers, as well as access to industry benchmarks.

The Alta Group provides guidance along the transaction continuum, from commercial and operational due diligence to deal negotiation and closure. Our financial advisory services can help you mitigate risk, maximize value, and open more doors to opportunity.