Augmenting funding capability with a capital markets syndication offering 


A large international equipment finance bank subsidiary was looking to augment their current funding capability with a capital markets syndication offering. To successfully launch this offering, they partnered with The Alta Group to identify and address potential barriers to success, develop a strong value proposition, and build a timeline for launch. 


Alta began by creating a capital markets value proposition for the bank, which outlined the benefits of their syndication offering for potential investors. They conducted a gap analysis to evaluate the bank’s current capabilities and identify any areas that needed improvement. Alta also identified potential resistance points and developed strategies to mitigate them. They reviewed the bank’s CRM requirements for syndication relationship management and counterparty relationship and then developed a clear roadmap to ensure that the bank was syndication-ready. Thanks to Alta’s efforts, the bank was able to successfully launch their syndication offering and expand their business in the equipment finance market. 

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