Bank-owned lessor requires legal documentation expertise as it expands into real estate leasing


A bank-owned leasing company, subject both to the parent’s restrictions posed by banking law and to regulatory supervision, launched a project to innovate in the real estate leasing space. The Alta Group had served this client in the past. In addition to knowing the client’s history, offerings, and market position, our experts were also knowledgeable about the laws and regulations faced in the situation and the international standards that inspired the regulations.


Using Alta’s proprietary legal database and expertise, we proposed a path to implementation for the new product. Alta created workshops with key officers to ensure the client’s strategy, and resources were aligned to the success of the product. We produced a global benchmarking analysis of performance of the product in Europe, the United States, and Latin America to map lessons learned. Based on the analysis, we pinpointed performance activities and internal resources needed and led the client to implementation with advisory services.

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