Large equipment finance firm seeks independent assessment of suitable regional office sites


A client sought to identify the most suitable locations to place additional regional offices. They believed that having some decentralized staff would enable closer connections with prospective and current vendors and their end-user customers while creating an alternative path to attract new and skilled talent. Prior to finalizing a decision on a new office launch, the client wanted to test the validity of further decentralizing staff and ensure the benefits outweighed the limitations.


Alta identified a slate of candidate geographic locations and studied factors at each site including cost of living, in-region talent pool, access to transportation hubs, and local market real estate costs. We developed a scorecard to test and measure the attractiveness of each candidate location. Based on the scorecard results, we investigated the benefits and drawbacks associated with each regional staffing environs and factored how it related to the overall equipment finance operation. Alta gathered evidence from historical examples of decentralized staffing, and analyzed the lessons learned from their respective successes and shortfalls. In addition, we provided guidance around onboarding, ongoing professional development, and remote management. and instilling parent corporate culture. The client successfully opened offices in the recommended locations gaining strong originations and attracting new talent into the organization.

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