Majority-owner looks to sell independent finance company for estate planning purposes


An independent, privately owned commercial equipment leasing and finance company with a focus on specialty vehicle financing was seeking a buyer for the business. The seller traditionally elected to sell off the higher quality transactions as it could not hold these accounts and make an adequate return given the low risk and low margin returns associated with these transactions.


The Alta Group worked closely with the owners of the company to understand their goals and objectives for a successful sale. After identifying over 150 potential parties that would likely have an interest in acquiring the company, Alta secured approval from the owners to share the opportunity.

Alta developed a detailed teaser and CIM file outlining the company’s current strengths and opportunities for growth under new ownership and discreetly share this confidential information basis with companies expressing interest. Through this process, Alta identified a a bank owned commercial finance company that was interested in entering the specialty vehicle segment and could provide the seller with a significantly lower cost of funds, allowing the seller to hold more of its deals on the balance sheet and significantly increasing sales and profitability.

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