Guiding a Fortune 500’s response to a mega managed services RFP


A Fortune 500 company asked for expert managed services assistance in evaluating internal process capabilities to support a request for a large as-a-service RFP.


The Fortune 500 firm engaged The Alta Group to support its response to an RFP for hundreds of millions of dollars in assets that required the client and service provider to be assured of process capability, funding assistance and accounting implications to manage the details of an as-a-service model. Alta conducted a thorough gap analysis between RFP requirements and client’s existing process and funding capabilities. With findings from the analysis, third-party servicing options were identified to tackle the complexities of variable and fixed billing components, and the accounting and cash implications of internal vs. third-party funding options were investigated. After identifying and evaluating multiple third-party funding options based on risk conditions, Alta supported the risk mitigation efforts to the satisfaction of senior management. Alta assisted the client in the formulation of the RFP response.