The real story is in the details


A bank affiliated equity fund was approved for a substantial investment in a well-established privately held independent middle market equipment leasing company. The client requested that The Alta Group investigate the company to provide a detailed view of their business, operations, and financial situation. The client also sought insight into the company’s business dealings and reputation as the client was a part of a highly respected national bank group.


Alta conducted an in-depth study of the target company which included: meeting key executives and managers, and reporting on their detailed methods and practices. In particular, wereviewed and reported on sales, marketing, and advertised methods and materials, and these prompted concern about over-selling or misleading representations. Based on Alta’s report, the client determined to withhold its investment at that time. As a side effect, the target company later sought Alta’s support to address some of the other areas of concern noted by Alta around sales practices and materials.

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