Why ESG Matters to Equipment Finance Industry

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Video Interview In this video Valerie L. Gerard, co-CEO of The Alta Group, talks about Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) measures relevant to the equipment leasing and finance industry. In the interview with Mike Toglia, publisher of Equipment Finance Advisor, she says ESG securitizations will be a source of future capital for equipment finance companies, so … Read more

3 Developments Driving Equipment Finance M&As

The Monitor Funding Source Issue includes Jim Jackson’s annual reporting on merger and acquisition (M&A) trends affecting the U.S equipment leasing and finance industry. It’s always an interesting read as he reflects on the year that has passed and anticipates likely scenarios for the year ahead. This year’s article is especially insightful as he discusses the … Read more

Ask Alta: What does my CEO need to know ─ right now ─ about consumption-based equipment financing?

A Q&A with Diane Croessmann  What is the most pressing development equipment finance leaders need to understand right now about consumption-based financing?  Funders are gun-shy when asked about “consumption” models.  Many of them associate these models with a payment that is 100% variable.  And that translates to less confidence in recovering their equipment investment over the contract … Read more

Highlights from “What’s Hot/What’s Not…” 2021 Report on Equipment Preferences and Covid Impact

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Carl Chrappa’s annual research into equipment management trends included questions about the impact of Covid-19 and the majority of respondents reported they don’t envision a long-term negative impact. Nevertheless, the research shows its effect on specific sectors, showing both new highs and new lows in equipment preferences. Some 72% of survey respondents said Covid-19 would … Read more

The Alta Group 2021 Insights for Equipment Finance

What a difference a year can make. Covid-19’s toll on humanity has been staggering and its economic impact profound. A year ago, few could foresee how the virus would become a lingering pandemic, changing business risks and opportunities while inspiring the rise of new business models, a virtual workforce and the adoption of Industry 4.0 … Read more

Transforming the Business Model to Drive Success

Kieran O’Brien and Nick Feasey, consultants in Alta’s Europe, Middle East, Africa region, provide considerations for reviewing an existing business model and transforming to a service-led model in this Accountancy Ireland “Virtual Business Guide 2020” published recently. In this article they list the types of questions that must be addressed and the market analysis, testing and benchmarking … Read more