How Is Your PPP?

December 7, 2021

No, we don’t mean the Paycheck Protection Program (although we hope that worked for you, too). Rather, we’re talking about your Post-Pandemic Portfolio.

Following all the disruptions in staffing, systems, rent payments, equipment deliveries, and account details over the past two years, this may be a good time for a thorough “physical exam” of your lease and loan portfolio and your operational capability and readiness.

The Alta Group has specialists in exactly this discipline—experienced lease practitioners who can review your operations, credit processes, booking, portfolio management, transaction balancing, collections, residual realizations, and overall portfolio financial results.  We can perform a detailed review of your “PPP” and find whether (or not) you’re producing the best you can after months of uncertainty.

What are your current delinquencies and static pool analyses showing you?  Are the credit, asset, and risk concentrations of your portfolio properly balanced?  What are your overall yield and return results following disruptions in payments, cash flows, and timing of revenues?  How are your collectors, asset managers, sales teams, and back office performing?  Are your docs up to date?  Are your funding resources the best they can be?

Alta’s Business Quality Assessment team focuses on all of these issues and many other aspects of portfolio analysis and operational performance.  After the past two years, this is the best time for you to re-assess your operational and financial results through the eyes of experienced and independent experts.

If you agree it’s a good idea to review and assess your “PPP,” give us a call to discuss just how helpful we may be in assessing your business.

Paul Bent, Senior Managing Director, can be reached at (562) 491-5000 or email: [email protected].

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