In Memoriam: Alta Director Damian Broadbent

Damian Broadbent profile.

April 24, 2023

The Alta Group’s advisors–across worldwide regional offices–mourn the loss of Damian Broadbent, a colleague who passed away unexpectedly in March.

He will be greatly missed as a friend and business colleague and will be remembered fondly. He joined our advisory in 2020 bringing tremendous global equipment finance experience to our advisory. Damian served as a director for The Alta Group and was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he was a trusted leader in engagements throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

As an expert advisor on vendor leasing, capital, funding, asset management and private equity, he specialized in developing innovative strategy to support client objectives for sustainable and profitable growth.

“Damian had tremendous passion for our industry and that served him well with clients. His keen insights were instrumental in the success of countless equipment finance companies operating in Asia-Pacific.  We’ll greatly miss his leadership and camaraderie,” said Valerie L. Gerard,  co-CEO of The Alta Group.

Damian’s experience spanned the entire Asia-Pacific region, from China, Japan, and neighboring Southeastern Asian nations to Australia and New Zealand. He worked closely with Alta advisors in Europe and North America.

Prior to joining The Alta Group, he served as chief executive and managing director of the CSI Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of Tokyo Century Corporation, and he previously led operations in that region for DLL and Macquarie.

He is survived by his wife, Julie.

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