Alternative Dispute Resolution

Expert insight

The Alta Group serves as a neutral mediator or arbitrator in disputes involving equipment leasing and finance. Our role helps avoid the expense and protracted time required for litigation in court. Alta’s skills can keep your dispute out of the courthouse and in the hands of business people, where it belongs.

Experience to navigate a changing landscape

Our experienced team conducts mediation or arbitration proceedings with parties and attorneys involved in disputes through private and confidential proceedings. We assist equipment leasing and finance companies and their attorneys to develop alternative dispute resolution methods and systems, and incorporating them into their business practices.

Proven results

Alta provides educational and informational programs and materials explaining the details, benefits, and practical uses of alternative dispute resolution for clients to use throughout the lifecycle of their litigation needs.

Expected Benefits
  1. Clarify your options with unbiased advice
  2. Eliminate the pain of litigation
  3. Achieve rapid conclusions