Appraisals and Inspections

Net Value Determination

The Alta Group provides inspections and appraisals to understand items that are leased or financed along with current and prospective values. Our work gives clients a confident understanding of the value of an asset at different points in the business lifecycle, from valuation to bankruptcy proceedings.

Capital Equipment Inspection and Appraisal

When an item’s condition is important to know, whether mid-term or end-of-lease, we can provide visual inspection services to determine if the leased or financed equipment meets the maintenance provisions of the financing documents. This work with clients enhances an appraisal by including the actual condition of the equipment rather than the assumed condition.

Desktop Appraisal and Expert Testimony

Alta’s team also provides desktop appraisals to save time and money by streamlining condition assumptions and providing expert services. When litigation support is necessary, Alta’s highly experienced advisors have expert witness experience in both state and federal courts.