Asset Management Strategy and Product Development

With equipment increasingly acting as a carrier for services for both OEMs, distributors and finance companies, Asset Management is a must have competence.  Alta’s deep domain expertise helps businesses frame their asset and lifecycle management strategies to drive value creation from both their equipment and related data.

Alta can assist in all aspects from strategy through to operationalization and make/partner/buy decisioning.

Collateral Values and Residual Risk Policies and Control Development 

Alta has the track record and hands-on experience of having run multi-billion dollar equipment finance portfolios.  We have used this experience to guide clients in building best in class risk management methodologies and controls.  Our experience extends across multiple equipment classes, customer segments and geographies, and includes state of the art analytical modeling and monitoring techniques. 

End of Lease Strategy and Remarketing  

Alta’s asset management team has the personal experience of managing and driving income and opportunity from end of lease, remarketing and redeployment.  With circular economic models increasing due to ESG concerns, redeployment capabilities has become a must have feature for OEM and finance company´s business models.  Alta has a proven track record in developing strategy as well as embedding new approaches in multiple equipment verticals. 

Value Creation through asset-based services and IoT 

Most equipment in these times come with inbuilt sensors and IOT connectivity.  This has opened a broad spectrum of value creating opportunities. In the manufacturing and production environment this manifests itself in opportunities to drive OEE improvements. In others, it enables improved condition monitoring and preventative maintenance. Overall the IOT data and supporting analytics provides opportunities for value capture in proactive portfolio and fleet management as well as driving low cost of usage solutions for end users.  The Alta team has great experience in identifying value pools, through selection and implementation of technology solutions to the monetization of the opportunities.