Benchmarking & Market Practices

The Alta Group leads the equipment finance world in designing and delivering customized benchmarking analysis and market intelligence. Our insights help your organization gain a deeper understanding of competitor dynamics, best practices, internal KPIs and compensation levels.  

Gaining a Fresh Perspective

Our research capability is unparalleled, and we are known to provide honest and objective insights and advice. Aided by industry-leading data analytics, our team transforms raw data into meaningful information. Your organization receives insights that are not only actionable but are based on real-life data. 

As an independent industry insider, we are uniquely placed to support businesses like yours. Our team can provide a fresh perspective and a deep understanding of the sector. 

We also believe relying solely on data tells half the story. That’s why we back up our analytics with the knowledge and perspectives of industry leaders. Strong relationships that are built on mutual trust mean that these key players are happy to share their thoughts in Alta-directed double-blind market studies and surveys. 

Accelerating Change and Seizing New Opportunities 

Gaining access to Alta’s insights allows your organization to understand competitive advantages and seize those opportunities. At the same time, the knowledge you gain highlights vulnerabilities that may leave the company open to diminished client satisfaction or impede corporate growth. In short, our team will help you identify and eliminate potential threats before they become real-world problems. 

Our goal is to utilize Alta’s comprehensive intellectual property repository of the equipment finance industry to your advantage. Our benchmarking studies include subjects such as overall market penetration, product acceptance, approval cycle time, profitability metrics, operational efficiency, portfolio quality, funding structures, and talent utilization.  

Seizing new opportunities is easier if you have a comprehensive view of your organization’s position in your industry. The Alta Group’s benchmarking and market intelligence services give your business the edge you need to build best-in-class capabilities. 

Expected Benefits
  1. Unique industry insights  
  2. New understandings of your own business 
  3. Clear positioning of your business to support your strategic decision making