Channel Development & Optimization

Leveraging Channel Partners for Client Success

The Alta Group supports channel resellers and distributors in leveraging internal and vendor partner equipment financing programs. Alta’s advisors recognize the challenges that exist when vendors work with multiple channel partners or when channel partners resell products and services from multiple vendors.

Focused on Emerging Options

Equipment vendors are increasingly reliant on channel partners to provide broader distribution of technology and services to end users. The channel toolkit has included traditional equipment financing options for decades. Emerging options, that include more flexible services content or digital efficiencies, require added focus to optimize existing relationships between vendors, channel partners, and end users.

Optimizing Long Term Revenue Growth

Our extensive experience working with vendors and channel partners improves multi-channel client management, reduces sales turnaround, and increases sales by leveraging the client/vendor pipeline. The end client result is a fine-tuned equipment financing strategy designed to focus on mutual partner goals and objectives.

Expected Benefits
  1. Improve multi-channel client management
  2. Sales turnaround time reduction
  3. Leverage vendor/client pipeline data to increase sales