Conferences & Webinars

Specialized Industry Content

The Alta Group is the only global consulting firm specializing in the equipment leasing industry. Our regularly occurring webinars and regionally-targeted conferences attract key leaders and stakeholders and provide rich content that adds value to your business.

In Person and Online

The Alta Group, together with our EMEA partner Invigors, have hosted specialized conferences over two decades. Conferences take place around the globe and attract local lessors, suppliers, investors and bankers, service providers, and regulatory authorities. Conferences attendees know they will find targeted content and valuable opportunities to network and exchange on the latest trends in the equipment leasing industry. In addition to in-person conferences, Alta develops and delivers customized webinars for specific stakeholder and localities. Our focused content is valuable for country associations, regulators or specific groups within clients. We leverage the hands-on, in-depth experience of our consultants to provide relevant material that is tailored for the audience and creates immediate impact.

Information that Drives Value

The Alta Group’s conference and webinars off the opportunity to meet colleagues and clients and stay up to date on the trends, challenges, and opportunities that impact our industry.

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Expected Benefits
  1. Meet colleagues and clients that add value to your business
  2. Get informed about new trends, challenges and opportunities
  3. Thousands of attendees along more than 20 years