Deep Portfolio Quality Reviews

Comprehensive Assessment, In-Depth Insight

Deep Portfolio Quality Review (DPQR) is a comprehensive assessment of the quality of a company’s portfolio. It is designed to identify a range of areas for improvement and opportunity, and to provide insights and recommendations for enhancing business performance and mitigating risks. Use Alta’s skill and experience for the guidance you need to fine tune your portfolio and leasing operations.

Analysis for Informed Decision Making

DPQR provides an in-depth, objective review of a company’s business portfolio, including an assessment of essential statistics, analytics, and reports as well as an in-depth analysis of contract files. The Alta team conducts detailed reviews of reserve accounts, analyses of static loss pools, analyses of historical performance statistics, stratification and statistical analyses of current and historical portfolio content, diversification, and related yields and portfolio behavior. Alta’s review is tailored to the specific needs of our client, and can be used to help inform decision-making around business priorities and resource allocation.

Path Forward

Alta’s DPRG team helps clients improve portfolio quality and drive better decision-making around strategy, execution, and resource allocation. The team will prepare and present detailed written reports and analyses of findings and recommendations to support enhanced performance.

Expected Benefits
  1. Accelerate understanding of the portfolio
  2. Discover the hidden critical details
  3. Obtain expert insight