Due Diligence Services

Insightful Advice

The Alta team provides its propriety Due Diligence Plus (DP+) analysis to investigate potential business transactions. The DP+ process can help to assess the risks and potential rewards of a proposed venture and supports informed decision-making. With Alta by your side you’ll proceed into every deal with the confidence of years of experience in deals of every description.

Data Analysis to Reduce Risk

With each transaction, seasoned advisors at Alta review and assess all projections, data, and documents relevant to the underlying deal and conduct on-site observation and interviews with key personnel. Alta teams with legal counsel and investment bankers regarding client objectives, resources, timing, coordination, and structuring of the underlying transaction. This analysis provides the client with greater confidence in the venture and improves negotiating positions.

Professional Recommendations

Alta’s team prepares and presents detailed written reports and analyses of findings and recommendations so our clients have thorough understanding of the risk and opportunity involved in any transaction.

Expected Benefits
  1. Risk analysis tailored to your needs
  2. Efficient diagnosis of issues and opportunities
  3. Clear actionable conclusions for investment decisions