Expert Witness Services

Industry Experts

The Alta Group provides the services of highly qualified and experienced experts to testify in equipment leasing litigation or arbitration. Alta’s expert testimony in virtually every facet of equipment leasing and finance has made the difference between winning and losing in many of our clients’ dispute situations—and it may be the difference for you.

Litigation Support

We work closely with legal counsel to identify and clarify issues and formulate responses to complaints, motions, and demands from opposing parties. Our experienced legal team prepares defensible and legally compliant written expert reports and opinions for presentation in court or in arbitration. We also provide compelling rebuttals to opposing expert reports and materials.

Trial Services

Alta experts develop and prepare demonstrative evidence for use in trial or arbitration proceedings and, as required, testify under oath in trials, hearings, depositions, and other proceedings in connection with litigation or arbitration of equipment leasing and finance disputes.

Expected Benefits
  1. Knowledgeable and compelling testimony
  2. Clear and effective trial presentations