Fast Track Business Strategy Planning

Concise Strategic Planning

The Alta Group’s Fast Track Business Strategy Planning Program allows clients to develop and communicate a simple, concise, and clear three-to-five-year strategic plan within 30 days.

Tailored Strategies, Actionable Roadmap

Guided by Alta’s strategy experts, our Fast Track Business Strategy Planning Program is one-day workshop tailored to specific client needs that enables the identification of key strategies and initiatives for the next three-to-five years. Alta’s experts lead clients in an analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using our proprietary “SWOTM” framework and then evaluate their customer value proposition. Based on the results of these analyses, Alta facilitates a focused session to determine the strategies and initiatives needed to attain the client’s goals. At the conclusion of the workshop, Alta customizes an actionable roadmap for executing that plan.

Measurable Results

This program is a highly effective tool for companies seeking to accelerate business strategy process, maximize ROI, and achievable measurable results.

Expected Benefits
  1. Accelerate Business Strategy Process
  2. Maximize ROI
  3. Achieve Realistic and Measurable Results